Show Me Your Desktop, Jennifer Laycock

Sun, Sep 16, 2007

What's On Your Computer

This week it’s Jennifer Laycock from Search Engine Guide, Bento Yum (Bento Boxes) and The Lactivist’s turn to Show Me Your Desktop. Jennifer wrote the first e-book about blogging I read. The e-book is called Zero cash, A little talent and 30 days. She explains how she started The Lactivist from scrath using viral marketing, CafePress, ads, SEO and a lot more. I can highly recommend it.

She is also one of the skilled editors behind Search Engine Guide. She has certainly helped me understand how important viral marketing is for your blog or site.

If you can guess what Jennifer’s favourite program is, I’ll buy you a beer, root or lager, you pick.

If you missed last week’s interview with Paula Neal Mooney, don’t worry you can still make it.

What is your background picture?

The default greenish blue acer background.

Why did you chose that picture?

Umm…it came with the computer and I haven’t gotten around to changing it. (In 18 months)

If you have a personal and a work computer, which program do you use the most on your personal computer?

They’re one and the same. When I’m using the computer for personal reasons, GoogleTalk, Outlook and Firefox are always launched.

Which program do you use the most on your work computer?

For work, it’s the above three programs along with EditPlus.

Internet Explorer or Firefox?

Firefox all the way! (Though I occasionally use Opera as well.)

Why do you use Firefox?

Apart from the higher stability, I couldn’t live without the various Firefox extensions and tabs.

What is your favourite program?

Flickr Uploadr (You didn’t say my most productive program!) I used to upload my pictures one at a time. Don’t ask me why. I finally snagged the Flickr Uploadr about two months ago and life has become much simpler.

Which program is the worst?

Outlook. It’s a beast. I’ve meant to make the switch to Thundebird for ages, but have never gotten around to it. The idea of switching five years worth of email is not appealing. Now I’m thinking about transferring everything to Gmail instead so I can access my email from anywhere.

Do you have any tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your computer or blog?

It’s such a little thing that I’m sure everyone already knows, but I adore the quick launch toolbar in Windows XP. I keep my three most used tools within one-click access and the est of them two clicks away. I hate cluttered desktops, so you’ll never find a million “shortcuts” showing up on mine. I delete the shortcuts as soon as I install a program.

Thank you very much, Jennifer. I know you are really busy so I really appreciate you took the time to answer my questions.

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