Top 3 Greenest Cell Phones, SmartPhones And Notebooks

7 March, 2008


Do you ever consider the environment when you buy a new gadget? I tend to forget and pick gadgets with lots of features, nice design and geek status.

However eco-friendly gadgets are also a competitive parameter. The gadgets manufacturers has found out that consumers are interested in green products.

So which gadget should you buy if you want to be green?

Greenpeace recently launched a report “Searching…for Green Electronics“. The report analyses several parameters among others; dangerous chemicals in the product, energy saving and can it be recycled. Several companies refused to participate in the survey. This includes Acer, Apple, Asus, Creative, Microsoft, Nintendo, Palm and Sharp. I’m very disappointed in you guys. I own an iPod, Zen Vision M, Xbox360 and Nintendo Wii…tsk tsk @ me.

The scale goes from 1 to 10, 10 being the best grade and this is the top 3 lists:

Cell phones:

  1. Sony Ericsson T650i - 5.30 points
  2. Nokia N95 - 4.40 points
  3. LG Electronics KE970 4.05 points

PDA or Smart Phones:

  1. Sony Ericsson P1i - 5.10 points
  2. HP iPaq 510 - 3.95 points
  3. Mio Technology P350 - 3.15 points


  1. Sony Vaio TZ11 - 5.29 points
  2. HP Compaq 2710p - 4.82 points
  3. Toshiba Protégé R500 - 4.74 points

Greenpeace states that no manufacturers score high within all criteria. Still, Greenpeace give Sony and Sony Ericsson a thumbs up! I guess this must make Sony’s competitors green with envy…If I’m looking at our latest energy bill, our consumption is equal to a family of four. We are only two adults and a 5 month old toddler. All our domestic appliances are power saving. The same goes for the light bulbs. Nothing is left in stand-by mode either. EXCEPT… My PC runs 24/7 with router, ADSL modem and all kinds of power adapters. Two laptops and a 42″ plasma TV. I guess they eat a bit too.

If you are interested in more green gadgets, cars and scooters. Read “5 Green And Eco-Friendly Gadgets”.

Do you own any green gadgets? When you buy new gadgets do you prefer the eco-friendly ones? What are you doing to reduce energy consumption?

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  • Dan

    The reason those companies declined was more than likely because they didn’t want to be drawn into a public spat with GreenPeace. Greenpeace is the kind of organisation that, if you were found to be less than eco-friendly, would tear you apart in the press and do your company a great deal of harm. Refusing to comment is probably just damage control.

    Laws are getting tighter and tighter, though and sooner or later all technology companies are going to be forced to make an active effort to go easy on the environment. This will, of course pass the cost increase down to the customer.

    Eco-friendly solutions are already about though. A guy I know offers “Green” hosting when he sells a website. What that means is he sells hosting on server farms that are sustained by wind power only.


  • SilentLaugh

    Thanks for the list! I’ve been on the look out for a green laptop!

  • Dennis Bjørn Petersen

    SlientLaugh: I’m glad it helped you out. Let me know what you end up buying.

  • dimkafred

    Nokia N95 I prefer more then Sony Ericsson T650i, cause its smartphone and much more better and the topic is interesting!

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  • Gadget Mania

    This was a refreshing post and I appreciate the effort by greenpeace.

    If we cannot do away with these gadgets we can always choose the lesser evil and make sure that we are making a difference somehow. I think that posts like these should be encouraged more and that people should give it all the support.

  • furniture

    This is something that green peace should be appreciated. I think this will make think more when they buy something and too much thinking at times can be good.

    We should support the companies that are for the “green green” movement!

  • Knockout Prices

    Wow, laptops from Sony are really stylish and to know that they are also environment friendly makes their product way cooler than the rest for me.

    Sony Ericsson again is a great phone,made even better after this news.

  • Organic Gifts

    I love Nokia!

    And this post has given me one more reason to love it. I didnt know there was something like this, thanks so much.

  • HSN

    Good move from Greenpeace, I was beginning to think that all they do is picket and protest.

  • King Of Queen

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    Good day!

  • Medela in style

    I am impressed with this article, you have done a great job with this, thanks.