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Tue, Jun 24, 2008

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The twittermania continues. “Every time a bell rings, a new twitter service gets it’s wings” - You may use this quote freely.

It’s almost impossible to keep track of all the new twitter services that are constantly launched. I’ve created a list of the most recent services.

The list goes from Tweetmarks and spamplets to Hiimok and HappyTwitDay.

The list is completely random and I’ll let you be the judge which of these services are the most useful.

  1. Tweetmarks is a bookmarks tool for Twitter. Tweetmarks is a combination of bookmarking and twitter. It stores and tracks all the bookmarks you share on twitter. It can even synchronize with your account.
  2. Share your funny or strange email spam on Spamlets. Simply start any tweet with #spamlet
    and it’ll show up on
  3. Good-looking plain text-backchannels with TwitterFountain. TwitterFountain mash-up tweets and Flickr images based on tags into one animation. An example could be “Obama”. You will see all the tweets about Obama with matching images from Flickr in the background.
  4. Send gifts to your twitter friends with hiimok. A tweet with a link to the gift will be sent to your friend. The gift could be an icon of a cooler filled with beer.
  5. Queue up your tweets with Twitabit. If/when twitter is down, you can still tweet using Twitabit. Once twitter is back up, your tweets are delivered.
  6. Twizon is mash-up between twitter and Amazon. This service is probably for shopaholics. Twizon lists all the tweets referencing Amazon deals.
  7. Keep track your friends’ birthdays using HappyTwitDay. Using HappyTwitday searches the twitterati for Happy Birthday-wishes. Follow HappyTwitDay on twitter to keep track.
  8. Chirrup adds twitter chat to your blog’s comments. Using Javascript and PHP Chirrup pulls your twitter replies into your blog’s comment feed.

I bet a bunch of new twitter services has been launched while I was writing this post, but the above mentioned as some of the newest ones.

I didn’t say they where all useful, but let me know if I missed anyone.

What’s your favourite twitter service?

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