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REVIEW: iPad Skin Case And Bluetooth Keyboard

1 June, 2010


Tweet The last two weeks I’ve tested two different accessories for my iPad. A Bluetooth keyboard and a Skin Case, both are supplied from They asked me to test and review them. These are my experiences without any influence from any one or any where. The Candy Skin Case review: Pro: It took some […]

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Are Cracked iPhone Apps The End Of Jailbreaked iPhones?

23 February, 2009


Tweet It was bound to happen sooner or later. A cracking program for iPhone apps has been released. It’s called “Crackulous”. I’m not mentioning it here because I want you to use it. On the contrary. This program can do more damage than good. Crackulous removes copy protection (Apple calls it FairPlay) from iPhone app. […]

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Macworld 2009 Incoming And So Are The Rumours

5 January, 2009


Tweet Macworld 2009 is starting today. The rumours about what will be launched at the expo have been around since Macworld 2008. The biggest rumour is always about Steve Jobs’ health. I hope (like I hope for everybody else), that he is doing good and in perfect health. Besides that it’s really not my concern. […]

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Windows Vista And Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 Beta Available On Technet

4 December, 2008


Tweet I’ve just downloaded Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Beta from TechNet Plus. I was a bit surprised to see Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 Beta in the same pack. I didn’t even know there was a Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 1?! Why yes there is. It’s already built into Windows Server 2008. […]

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iPhone Firmware 2.2 Released - Attention Unlocked & Jailbreaked Owners

21 November, 2008


Tweet Apple has just released iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch firmware 2.2. The software update contains many of the much anticipated changes including Google Street View, public transit and walking directions, and over-the-air podcast downloads via the iTunes app. The update also includes numerous fixes including added stability in Safari and fixes for Mail. […]

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French Train Tickets Go USB

10 September, 2008


Tweet Curse ze French, they are ahead of us again. This time The French National Railway Company (SNFC) is testing train tickets on a 4 Gb. USB dongle. The USB ticket is called Weneo ID Smart. It consists of two chips. One that contains personal data and one with an ID-number, that is used when […]

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Who Do You Fring?

21 April, 2008


Tweet Applications for the Apple iPhone aren’t taking up the internet bandwidth and space. Actually only one company have developed an VoIP (Voice over IP) application, the Israeli company fring. If you haven’t heard about fring, then perhaps you know one of the people behind it - Avi Schechter. He was one of the founder […]

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Top 3 Greenest Cell Phones, SmartPhones And Notebooks

7 March, 2008


Tweet Do you ever consider the environment when you buy a new gadget? I tend to forget and pick gadgets with lots of features, nice design and geek status. However eco-friendly gadgets are also a competitive parameter. The gadgets manufacturers has found out that consumers are interested in green products. So which gadget should you […]

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9 Things That Makes You A “Wannabe” Problogger

5 March, 2008


Tweet In my quest to make a living of blogging I’ve now turned my attention to my equipment a.k.a my gadgets. If you didn’t already know that, well I’m working on it. Hopefully in a couple of years I can quit my day job and make a living out of blogging. I think I would […]

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$150 Laptop Is Still Alive

3 March, 2008


Tweet Last summer I wrote about the Medison Celebrity laptop, a.k.a. $150 laptop. No one has received the laptop yet. So the question still is: Is the $150 laptop real or a scam? Not according to Medison. As you read this the Swedish company is busy redesigning their website and recently released the following statement: […]

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