US Television From 1988 - Have A Betamaxmas

Wed, Dec 17, 2008

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Do you miss Pee Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special? Or perhaps The Smurf’s Christmas Special? Or Alf’s? How about the Cabbage Patch Kids commercials?

Fear not. You can see all the christmas specials from 1988 in the comfort of your own basement or you can get close to.

A BeTaMaXMaS does exactly that. You have three channels to choose from and if the reception isn’t good, you simply adjust the antennas.

Remember to check out the TV Guide too. Just like real television, there are commercials and programs all day. So if you want to see Married With Children Christmas Collection, tune in at 2:19 PM (I think it’s your local time even).

Have yourself a very betamaxmas and watch some classic christmas specials.

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  • Yes it's very well done.

    Notice the detail. 12:00 blinking on the VCR.
  • Very good. That brought back some memories. That set up would of been state-of-the-art 20-odd years ago - and very expensive!
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