5 Useful Websites That Will Help You Go Green

8 September, 2008


Have you ever wondered how much your energy your website consumes? How much solar potential your roof has? Where can I buy “green” products? The sites I’ve found all, of course, all in beta.

I’ve previously written about green gadgets, such as cell phones, Roadster and notebooks, so in this post I’ll focus on websites that will help you go green.

We all know that green is the new black. Many companies adopt a green strategy and  green IT is very hot and hyped in the IT business.

But did you ever consider, that everytime you get a visitor on your website or blog, energy is consumed (some might say wasted).

  1. CO2Stats.com is here to change that. CO2Stats.com measure how many visitors you have, and purchase renewable energy accordingly. It’s free for the first 100 page views per month.
  2. Greenseng.com is a green search engine built on Google Custom Search. So it’s actually Google on renewable energy bought from CO2Stats.com.
  3. How much power can a solar array on your roof draw? Find out with Roofray.com. Using Google Maps you locate your house, draw the solar array on the roof and your solar potential is calculated.
  4. The daily green will help you with tips, recipes and ideas of how to live green. Great tips like “Saving money on gas”, “7 easy ways to save energy” and ” Safe baby bottles”.
  5. With all the money you’ve saved after going green, why not buy green products? EVO is an online green marketplace, with over 100,000 certified consumer products. Certified means, EVO are the ones that certifies them. I’m not sure what their criteria is. EVO will plant a tree for every registered user.

Which website is your favourite green website? What are you doing to conserve energy? Would you add your site to CO2Stats.com?

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  • axxo

    Hey.. thanks for the tips!!

  • http://www.MomsFreeTime.com Crystal

    I have found another website that has over 450 everyday products that are all green, no harsh chemicals. They are also very reasonably priced, less than you pay in regular stores for regular products.

    Anyways if anyone is interested you can find information about it at: http://www.switchingstores.com/michelleclayton

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