Kiss DP-600

I’ve recently purchased a Kiss DP-600. Don’t ask me why…by now I should know how Kiss players work since I’ve had both a DP-1000 and DP-1500, but apparently I keep returning. They have more bugs than a swamp in Tved Plantage or Grauballe. (Google: Grauballemanden). Though Kiss promised that the bugs would end with the DP-600 (cough lies cough).
Let me start by quoting Kiss:

First release of a new generation of Networked DVD and Media Players, the DP-600 will seduce you by its quality and its ability to playback video in High Definition. Its Ethernet and Wi-Fi Network Connectivity will amaze you, giving you ability to subscribe and stream Video-On-Demand and IP-Television Services. KiSS Online will change the way you look at your television, you can now check what’s on TV today, listen to WebRadio, view the weather forecast, see the latest stock indices and play games. Connect your PC to the KiSS DP-600 and play all your Multimedia files directly to your television with KiSS PC-Link. And of course, the DP-600 will also play all your DVDs, DivX, Windows Media 9, Nero Digital, MP3 and the majority of the file format available.

Ok..where to start…

First of all…it hasn’t changed the way I watch TV . Unfortunately Denmark hasn’t been blessed with IP-TV yet, but when we get it….I’ll be sitting there on my couch ready to zap. Anyway the DP-600 is twice as big as the DP-150x but it has the wireless interface built in (most be one big card) and two USB-ports. I’ve still to attach a device to that.

Second (of all)… it plays what I would expect it to play except it doesn’t always play them. Sometimes it can play Xvid other times it can’t. So I started using EZLinkNG again. Its a brillant program I can HIGHLY recommend it.

Third with the DP-1500 I had to cut the power, sometimes I could watch several files with out any interuptions other times I had to cut the power every 15th minute. Kiss realised this problem and gave it a Reset-button on the back O_o. The player is pretty stable, so I’ve only used it a few times.

Fourth you can upgrade the firmware without any CDs now. You download it straight from the player. Very clever and about time (Yes I’m cheap I hate wasting 700 Mb CD-Rs on a 4.5 Mb ISO-image.)

Fifth it has all kinds of connections, plugs and ports. HDMI for you HD-ready fetishists

Sixth the remote has alot of new button. There are shortcuts to the different sections.

Eigth it runs faster. The DP-600 uses 54 M/bit (WiFi) and yes you can really see that when starting a movie. This is why I wanted it in the first place and its worth the money.

Ninth you can use Microsoft Connect, which you can download from Windows Update aka. Microsoft Update. You must install the new firmware before you do this though or it will freeze.

So all in all and on a scale from 1-13 I’ll give the DP-600 a 9. Kiss is getting there. I hope they release a new firmware for the other few bugs soon and I’ll give it a 10 then.

prodicon 600 Kiss DP 600