5 Green And Eco-Friendly Gadgets

29 February, 2008


Being green and eco-friendly doesn’t have to be boring. I’ve compiled a list of 5 gadgets that are either have low power consumption or help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Unfortunately some of the gadgets might not be available in the US. I’m sorry guys, but the Americans are far behind Europe in terms on energy conversation.

  1. Electronic Housekeeper is a Danish invention. The small box controls all the electronic devices in your home and gives you a complete outline of the power consumption of every power plug in the house. If thats not enough your Electronic Housekeeper can play mp3, stream online TV, update you with the latest news, make VoIP phone calls, check your mail and calendar, see whats going on in your house using the inbuilt webcam or text recipes and shopping lists to your cell phone.
  2. A cheaper and more simple solution is The Wattson. You simply plug the sensor on the power cord and The Wattson will show you how much energy you are using. A strong red light indicates that, you are using too much energy. You can share and compare your energy use with other Wattson owners on DIY Kyoto. The Wattson is illustrated above. A great looking device.
  3. Tesla Roadster is an electric car. The resemblance to a certain Porsche with a similar name isn’t coincidental . The Roadster is just as fast as a Lamborghini Murcielago with it’s 13,000 rpm and 248 horse powers and top speed at 200 km/h (120 mph), it can go from 0-100 km/t in less than four seconds. Despite the cool specs the Roadster is more economical than a hybrid car. I have no idea how expensive it will be, but I bet it’s more than my Toyota Avensis.

  4. At a more reasonable price, you can buy a Vectrix Scooter. It runs 109 km (67 miles) on one charge and has a top speed of 100 km/h. You’ll never see me on a scooter, but I like the idea. These are available in the US too.
  5. The Honda FCX Clarity might just be what you are looking for. This car runs on a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. It is bascially an electric car, that fuels itself. The top speed is 160 km/h, it has 135 horse powers and the range is 430 km (267 miles). The car is expected to be released this summer. The price is still unknown.

This is part one of my “Green Gadgets”-series. In the next post I will look at gadgets made of recycled materials.

In the mean time I would like to know what gadgets you have that help reduce carbon emission. Do you ever consider buying environmentally friendly gadgets and appliances? How big is your power bill? Too big? Mine certainly is. I blame it on my PC.

UPDATE: Robert Scoble a.k.a. Scobelizer just launched FastCompany.TV. He was lucky enough to get a test drive in the Tesla and streamed it live using Qik.

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  • PM

    The Tesla EV rollout will hopefully get a lot of people interested in the technology. As more companies come out with EVs, and the price comes down, they should start to capture major market share. Similar to the Tesla is the Zap-X which Zap collaborated with Lotus to design.

  • http://www.gadget-mania.co.uk Gadget Mania

    Really good post!

    I think if there are lists like this people will start to be more aware and use things that cause less harm.

    Manufacturers will also make sure that they do it the right way.

  • http://www.gadgets4nowt.co.uk/ Ps3

    Organic led coming out soon does that come under this classification

  • http://www.konteaki-furniture.co.uk furniture

    I love environment friendly gadgets.

    It shows thought and that has to be supported.

  • http://www.knockoutprices.com Knockout Prices

    The Electronic Housekeeper is something that I would love to buy. I think it is important to make people aware of such gadgets.

    Good going!

  • http://www.theorganicgifthampercompany.co.uk/ Organic Gifts

    I saw the other post about the three green mobile and I think this is really good that there are people taking this initiative.

    I think people should know these and buy products like these.

  • http://www.shop-network.org/ HSN

    An electric car? Wow that would be great, that means so much less pollution! And the car sounds good, is the car in the picture the one you are talking about?

  • http://www.partstap.com/ Appliance parts

    It's impressive how far we reached with technological achievements… and we are still complaining about harming the environment. With everything we got now it's just a matter of time until we will all have a eco-friendly lifestyle… Looking forward to see that day.

  • http://porshiana.com Porsche Blog

    Porsche with a similar name isn’t coincidental . The Roadster is just as fast as a Lamborghini Murcielago with it’s 13,000 rpm and 248 horse powers and top speed at 200 km/h (120 mph), it can go from 0-100 km/t in less than four seconds

  • http://www.geekiegadgets.com Cool Gagets

    can the electronic house keeper can give us more saving from electric bills? if it can i'll buy one. it is really a big del now to have a very expensive electric bill.

  • http://brandemand.com/eco.htm eco-friendly products

    I love the power monitor. That's neat.

  • http://www.wheelywheel.com wheelywheel

    I still thing of driving this Tesla Roadster. They say its a good electric car. Hybrid are semi green right since they don't use too much fuel.

  • Paolo

    Tesla Roadster.. Wait for the Chevy Volt that will be one Eco-Friendly car. I think thats the only car that will make GM survive. - Engine Hardware Kit

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    The electronic housekeeper looks good to me. I have so many appliances in my house and I've got to to do something about the energy consumption. This would be a god start for everyone.
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