A Day In The Life Of Twitter

30 May, 2008

Twitter, Web 2.0

This is only my second video, so please be gentle.

Using summize.com I’ve gathered some of the tweets from desperate, disappointed or even angry twitterers after twitter.com’s nasty downtime last Wednesday.

Which program and on which hardware I made the video is not important, at least not now, but it’s a part of my quest for the Apple.

Of course, this could also be Robert Scoble and other twitter super users (Fake Steve Jobs calls them twittertards) fault. I doubt it though. They just need a solid backbone and some better infrastructure.

I say that without knowing what their problem is, but my guess is just as good as blaming someone else.

Anyhoo I just wanted to show you this little video I made the other day. I’ve uploaded it to Viddler and YouTube.
The song is Alana Taylor’s Twitter Song. Thank you very much for letting me use it.

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  • http://ucash.in/2a6b54f Clarence Coggins

    Your video makes me think of the experimental video nature of Viddler. I agree with the song. I really don’t like Facebook that much. I like social network sites where people have more traditional profiles and you can see what they represent. Twitter is really a great way for me to generate Idea. I also like friendfeed.

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    [...] new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!It’s no surprise that twitter can be a bit unstable from time to time. Twitter is probably the only service I know that’s almost more down than [...]

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