My name is Dennis Bjørn Petersen and I’m from Denmark. I’ve been drinking for 33 years now. It all started out with breastfeeding, then on to cow-milk, sodas and juice. Around the age of 19 I started to drink wine and gin then at 21 I had a beer. Now I drink beer sometimes once a week!

Besides The Beta News  I’m a writer on The Inquisitr and I do the occasional guest posts too.

In my sparetime I referee football (soccer) play RPG, some Xbox360 (Xbox Live: dennisbpetersen), croquet and a few computer games. I collect Single malts, usually Scottish Islay (I can’t stand bourbon) and rum.

I’ve always been a great fan of Indiana Jones and the Star Wars and Star Trek universe.

My favourite football teams are: Real Madrid, FC Copenhagen and AS Roma

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