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Comedy Legend Leslie Nielsen - R.I.P.

29 November, 2010


Tweet When I was a kid I used to watch “The Naked Gun”, “Airplane” and the other Zucker films. My father and I good laugh for hours afterwards. We even practiced spotting the jokes in the background. The reasons why The Naked Gun was, besides the script, Leslie Nielsen, who unfortunately passed away today at […]

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Watch The Leaked Thor Movie Trailer Before It’s Gone

30 July, 2010


Tweet I’ve previously written about Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming Thor movie. Last time all I could show you was a image of Thor, Odin and Loke (as us closest to the Norse gods call him). In this almost 5 minute long trailer we see a lot more details. Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulsen, who we first met […]

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Starcraft - The Story So Far

28 July, 2010


Tweet The last time I played Starcraft was in 1998. A lot have happened since then, so I’m can’t remember the Starcraft story down to detail. Actually I can barely recall anything. Good thing we have YouTube (though this doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven YouTube for suspending me, but that’s another post). If you have some […]

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My iPad Impressions Guest Post On Elektronistamag

10 May, 2010


Tweet I’ve written a guest post on about my first impression using my iPad. Christiane’s upcoming and very informative site for women, who aren’t just interested in pink gadgets, but with an interest in tech, but not neccessarily in what makes tech tick(?!) Say goodbye to pink, girly gadgets and hello to real stuff you […]

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WooThemes’ 5-1 Christmas Special

22 December, 2009


Tweet I’m a big fan of WooThemes. As you probably can tell by the theme on this very page (Fresh News). I do like to change the theme from time to time and what better time to do it than just before a new year. A standard WooTheme is $70 if you don’t need the […]

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Is Twitter Killing Hollywood Movies? I Say No

24 August, 2009


Tweet Over the summer we’ve seen a bunch of presumed blockbusters falter after their opening weekends. Brüno was no success (if you’ve seen Borat, you’ve seen Brüno), Duplicity with Julia Roberts cost $60 million to make, but made only $40 million in the US. Land of the Lost, Will Ferrell’s $100 million adventure-comedy, made $49 […]

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A Step Closer To My Dream

14 April, 2009


Tweet Last Monday I started as a writer at The Inquisitr run by Duncan Riley. To me this is a huge opportunity to come one step closer to my big dream - make a living out of blogging and social media. I’m covering the “graveyard shift” also known as the European time slot I make […]

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Socialmedian Purchased By Xing

19 December, 2008


Tweet This just in: European Xing has bought American Socialmedian! I’m so proud. It doesn’t happen very often that a European company buys an American. This will definitely help the European social network, Xing expand their business in Europe and the rest of the world. To Jason Goldberg: Welcome to Europe. I think you’ll find […]

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Ebay Buys Denmark’s Largest Classified Site And The Knowledge Behind It

6 October, 2008


Tweet Congratulations (Den Blå Avis = The Blue (News)Paper) - you are now officially filthy rich. However Ebay didn’t just buy They also bought, one of the largest used car sites, a very valuable tool called Bilinfo (car info) and 300 employees with extensive knowledge of how to run a paper-based classified […]

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Lego Is Developing A Multiplayer Online Game

6 May, 2008


Tweet The toy company Lego is working intensely on a multiplayer online game or MMO. The game is launched in 2009. Children all over the world can now play with Lego bricks across boundaries. The game is called Lego Universe and it’s said to be part World of Warcraft and part playing with toys. Virtual […]

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