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Mon, May 14, 2007

Web 2.0

Ready for another article about an address book?

I promise you this one is a little different, its not a social media address book, its actually more than an address book. Anywr promises you the ability to synchronize your Hotmail, Gmail, AOL and Yahoo mail contacts with your mobile, but thats not all it will also synchronize with your Google Calendar. That means if your Outlook or any other calendar syncs with Google Calendar you get a dynamic calendar on your phone. Your phone must be compatible with the SyncML protocol and WAP-enabled or WiFi.

Registration and setup

The registration is very easy and doesn’t take long. After that you give anywr your logins and password to Hotmail, Gmail, AOL and Yahoo mail within seconds your contacts from those services are imported over a secure line. Actually the entire session is encrypted and secure. The Google Calendar is imported by default - it uses your login from Gmail (Google single signon-policy). You can group your contacts and update them with relevant information like pictures, phone numbers, birthday and so forth. You can invite your contacts to anywr too.

More features coming

As mentioned in the Contacts section you can update your contacts with various information. It also features a log that shows you which date you changed something on a specific update. Also you can export it as a Vcard and send SMS (text-messages) to the contact. The exciting thing is that you can sync it online with your mobile phone. This is where anywr has it strength and of course I will never forget a birthday anymore. Anywr puts the info from my contacts into my calendar.

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