Macworld 2009 Incoming And So Are The Rumours

5 January, 2009


Macworld 2009 is starting today. The rumours about what will be launched at the expo have been around since Macworld 2008. The biggest rumour is always about Steve Jobs’ health. I hope (like I hope for everybody else), that he is doing good and in perfect health. Besides that it’s really not my concern.

Besides Steve’s health there are more much more interesting rumours, will we see a red iPhone? A new AppleTV? Or perhaps a 17-inch unibody MacBook Pro with now removeable battery (yes, that very convenient when you have to erhmmm…well, the battery won’t fall out if you drop the MacBook).

Of course, at some point we’ll probably see a iTablet or some kind of tablet Mac as several tech blogs suggest.

I know a lot of hardcore fans are ready to spend money on a new Apple thingy. I would never do that of course….never ever (my wife reads this blog too).

Which Apple product are you hoping for?

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  • Spencer Scott

    I'm hoping they introduce a new Mac Mini. I have had mine for a couple of years, and it has been rock solid, but an update is much needed.

  • Chicago breast cancer

    AppleTV sounds cool, I've never even seen this… hopefully some good updates!

  • Dennis Bjørn Petersen

    According to ONN Apple just launched the MacBook Wheel. No keyboard, just one wheel. Everything you need is just a few 100 clicks away…

  • Dennis Bjørn Petersen

    Yes, I'm considering getting one, but I think I'll wait and see what happens.

  • Detox Cleansing

    Looking forward to seeing something new from the Apple guys.

  • Daisydaffodilia

    I like the brand itself irrespective of the product which they are providing for. So it been interesting to read the different products offered by Apple.

  • grandonk

    its look interesting, i love the red one and hope it will be in the market soon

  • julharper74

    I Loved Your Work!!! You Are Brilliant

  • Celeste

    We always look for the branded one which gives more life time for the product. So we need some more added features in order to compare from one another. Thanks.

  • The Jump Manual

    well I have this now.. 

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