Lego Is Developing A Multiplayer Online Game

Tue, May 6, 2008


The toy company Lego is working intensely on a multiplayer online game or MMO. The game is launched in 2009. Children all over the world can now play with Lego bricks across boundaries.

The game is called Lego Universe and it’s said to be part World of Warcraft and part playing with toys. Virtual Lego bricks here we come.

You control a classic Lego figure, your avatar, that develops his or her skills as you play.

Lego Universe is built like a just like a classic MMO with missions, that earns you money and bricks, but the social and creative part of the game is what drives it forward. You will be rewarded extra for solving missions creatively.

The target group is boys from ages 8 to 12, but Lego is hoping on users from all ages.

Lego currently have 90 people working on the Universe project. The game is developed by Denver-based Netdevil.

30 children are testing missions, features and functions every week.

Black Digits

Since Lego’s missteps a few years ago, the company is now back on track and making money again. The recent drop in Second Life’s popularity isn’t scaring Lego. They have a strong brand and hope that the game’s creative angle will make them some money.

Since the Lego brand will be all over the game, we can expect quality, but probably also an expensive video game.

Targeting The Parents

If Lego wants to succeed, this has to be a quality game with great gameplay, sound and graphics. It should be launched around Christmas and they must market the game correctly. Previous Multiplayer Online Games show that quality isn’t enough, if you want to succeed.

There is no doubt that Lego will target their marketing campaign toward the parents. They (we) are the “gatekeepers” and decide what game our children can play, which online community they are allowed to visit and we pay the bills.

Lego is a very trusted brand, but can they convert this to an online game? Lego isn’t very experienced in the online world.

Do you think Lego Universe will be a success? Why or why not?

Click here to read more about Lego Universe.

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  • Lilly Jones
    My kids will love to play with Lego’s game. Thanks to Lego. And I can keep watching them staying at home during their vacation
  • Artificial
    Lego will target their marketing campaign toward the parents. They (we) are the “gatekeepers” and decide what game our children can pla
  • You've got to applaud Lego for moving with the times in order to protect their business. I spent most of my childhood playing with the stuff - it makes you think and understand and it's great to see it still around, all be in not all in its traditional form.
  • langdon
    All my freind don't know about it, only 1.
  • i was a huge fan of legos spent hours in my room building, now i can build without making my mom mad!
  • Lego releases some really awesome games. The suprising thing is they are not only fun for kids but adults too.
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