7 New Social Networking Start-Ups

Sun, Jun 3, 2007

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Yesterday I wrote about start-up video services.

Today I will cover some new social networking start-ups. It is virtually impossible to keep track of them all, but that is not keeping me from trying, nah seriously here is a list of the newest ones:

  1. Sproose - A regular search engine with digg-like features. You can comment, tag and “I like it”-click the results. The more “I like it”, the higher it goes in the search.
  2. BeAGoodBuzz - Share your happy news. A site for everything that’s just great, swell, uplifting and just ol’ fashioned good.
  3. Slifeshare - Share you digital life. Slifeshare tracks the web pages you view, the videos you watch, the music you listen to and the pictures you see. From that a personal page is created, you can view other people’s pages with the same interest as yours. It has the same features as Virb, but is more advanced,
  4. Multiply - Share your life with your friends. Share photos, blogs, videos, music and more on your own personal web site. When one of your friends updates their sites you are notified. It also comes with an instant messaging service. It looks like this site has it all in one place.
  5. Flirt Frenzy - Speed dating, online. Free and anonymous flirting. After logging in, you are presented with several rooms based on a geographical location in the world. After selecting one of these rooms, you can select a Flirting partner, and if they accept your invitation, you have a 10 minute time limited conversation with each other.
  6. Uniteddogs and Unitedcats - Pet’s social revolution. Make a website for your dog, take a look at other people’s dogs, rate their pictures, post comments and communicate with other dog lovers. This is a niche, but don’t underestimate the potential value of the pet niche.
  7. Home and Tell - Showcase your home and your lifestyle. Showcase your craftmanship abilties. See real homes and real projects created by real people. You can comment and ask question on the different projects.

Stay tuned there are more start-ups coming soon…

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