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Fake Vintage Ads For Social Media

5 August, 2010


Tweet These fake vintage ads for Facebook, Skype and Youtube created by Brazilian ad agency Moma for a media seminar called “Everything Ages Fast”. They are just brilliant. Thanks to Laughing Squid.

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Twittermania 8 New Twitter Services

24 June, 2008


Tweet The twittermania continues. “Every time a bell rings, a new twitter service gets it’s wings” - You may use this quote freely. It’s almost impossible to keep track of all the new twitter services that are constantly launched. I’ve created a list of the most recent services. The list goes from Tweetmarks and spamplets […]

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Twitter Alternatives - Plurk Or Pownce

6 June, 2008


Tweet It’s no surprise that twitter can be a bit unstable from time to time. Twitter is probably the only service I know that’s almost more down than it’s up, and still have a loyal fan base and increase it’s number of users. But what are the alternatives? There are a lot of similar micro-blogging […]

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Are Online Ads An Endangered Species?

26 March, 2008


Tweet According to experts the use of online advertising will increase by 23% in 2008. This is more than 40 billion dollars, but a riot might be around the corner. Adsense has made Google one most valuable companies in the world and the ads on social networks such as Facebook help those companies make billions […]

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Virtual Worlds For Kids Are The Next Web 2.0 Money Maker

22 January, 2008


Tweet As some of you might know I became a father for the first time about 3½ month ago. Now I’ve played Ultima Online, Everquest 1+2 and seen grow. What will my son see? Will he spend his pocket money on things in a virtual world? I think there’s a gold fever in the […]

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Jook - Social Music Experience Or Rice Congee?

9 January, 2008


Tweet Jook is both. According to Wikipedia Jook is a type of rice porridge eaten in many Asian countries, but thats not the Jook I’ll write about. Jook was announced on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas a couple of days ago and it caught my attention immediately. If the Jook can pull […]

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30 Day Challenge - Make $10 In A Month And Find Your Niche

3 August, 2007


Tweet I recently joined the 30 Day Challenge, where you learn to find a niche and make a few bucks from it. I’m no blogging expert, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to learn something new. Internet Marketing is the keyword in the challenge. I went through all the Pre-season stuff, where they tell the […]

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Test The Latest Flock Release

9 July, 2007


Tweet Flock has released the latest beta version of their popular social browser. The version is called 0.9 ( and it is a great step forward compared to Flock 0.7. I’m really excited about the final version 1.0, which is to be released later this year (around fall). I’ve become a even great Flockstar (fan) […]

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MSN Launches ‘Live Earth Tree’

8 July, 2007


Tweet Microsoft, the exclusive online media sponsor for Live Earth, has launched the MSN Live Earth Tree - an interactive online animation that lets people worldwide pledge their commitment to the environment and join the battle to halt climate change. The Live Earth Tree can be found at and users are invited to visit […]

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Connect With Me On These Fine Social Networks

1 July, 2007


Tweet Inspired by Wendy’s “Can We Connect?” post, just a quick reminder. About a month ago I created a page with all my social network profiles. It would be great to connect to you, the readers, this way so feel free to add me as your friend, contact, homie, dawg, co-worker or love…ehmm forget the […]

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