Show Me Your Desktop Adam Ostrow - Delayed

10 March, 2008

Current Affairs

I know you’ve been waiting for the next show me your desktop-interview. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’ve promised Adam Ostrow from Mashable to delay it a few days. He has a special announcement regarding Mashable.

In the meantime you should check out the Mashable Rocks contest. This is a great chance to win som SXSW schwag, autographed Hanson (?!) CD and a complete Rock Band set for either Xbox360, PS3 or PS2.

If you didn’t notice, you are probably busy blogging about the Sarah Lacy and Mark Zuckerberg-interview. Unfortunately I’m not attending the SXSW-conference, but I read several twitter’s tweets last night and many of them were rated M.

The Digg-mob wins again. I guess the interview is buried, but the videos of the Sarah vs. Zuckerberg interview and Sarah’s response, will be Digg frontpage!

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