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FIFA 09 News Launched But Which Ads Should I Show?

16 June, 2008


Tweet Last year’s successful launch of FIFA 2008 News inspired me to try again this year. Through hard work and a lot of viral marketing (commenting on blogs and forum participation) I managed to make FIFA 2008 News one of the major FIFA blogs. I’ve moved the entire blog to and redirected the traffic […]

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Blogging Tips - Adsense

28 June, 2007


Tweet This is part two of my blog tips and links. Today with Adsense. Adsense is a service offered by Google. There are as many ideas and suggestions out there as there are sites/blogs on how you should position your ads. I’ve collected some of those that helped me where to place them. There are […]

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Sharogle - Make Money Using Google Search

1 June, 2007


Who wants to make money while others search the net? Recently launched gives you the opportunity to do that.

It is pretty simple - uses Google Adsense search bar known from many website, including this one. Instead of keeping the earnings for themselves it is shared among the users. When you sign up, you register with your Adsense id and that is it. Now when someone uses to search it could be your Adsense id that gets the “click”.

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Get Ready for Blogging and Social Media Week @ eMoms

23 April, 2007


Tweet Fear not its not just for moms. As you know I am going to be an eDad in September and I’m still allowed to read the site. eMoms features alot of brilliant articles, idea, WordPress tutorials and how to monetize your blog. eMoms are celebrating their 1st anniversary this week (Congratulations!) with several contests. […]

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A compendium of Adsense advice, tips, and help

31 January, 2007

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Tweet Here is a collection of Google Adsense advice and help that I have assembled from the web. I found several of them on various other blogs. Starting up from scratch Google Adsense - Quick Introduction Adsense Introduction: What is Adsense? Google Adsense and WordPress - Does it make cents? (WordPress) Starting your Adsense business […]

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