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A Step Closer To My Dream

14 April, 2009


Tweet Last Monday I started as a writer at The Inquisitr run by Duncan Riley. To me this is a huge opportunity to come one step closer to my big dream - make a living out of blogging and social media. I’m covering the “graveyard shift” also known as the European time slot I make […]

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WooThemes 4 for 1 Christmas Special

17 December, 2008


Tweet The theme I’m currently using is from WooThemes it’s called Fresh News. It’s probably the best theme I’ve ever owned and tried. The support is great, it’s easy to set-up and customise and according to experts (Thank you Dan) it’s validated and everything is peachy. This Halloween they had a sale, buy 1 theme […]

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The Beta News Is Up And Running Again

12 December, 2008

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Tweet My dear faithful readers. I’m terribly sorry about the recent trouble on The Beta News. I did an update a few days ago, unfortunately it messed up my .htaccess file. I’ve fixed that and everything is back to normal again. Well it is until I hit the “Update” button and update this blog to […]

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The Beta News Is Now Featuring Disqus And iPhone Icon

22 August, 2008


Tweet Thanks to my good friend Dan from, I’m now the proud owner of a iPhone icon. Well The Beta News are. If you go to on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you will see the cool new logo. I’ve also added the Disqus plugin. I’m looking forward to using it. The plugin […]

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The Beta News Gets A New Look

26 July, 2008


Tweet As you’ve probably noticed, The Beta News has recieved a new look. I wasn’t quite sure that the old theme encouraged people to comment on my posts, and after all, commenting and discussing is what blogging is all about. So I’ve bought this lovely WordPress theme from WooThemes called FreshNews. Until now I’m more […]

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9 Reasons Why Blogging Is Just Like Playing World Of Warcraft

18 June, 2008


Tweet I’ve had this post in my head for quite some time. I’m not sure if it will work, but I have to get it out of my head. I tried stabbing my brain with Q-tips, but it doesn’t help anymore. Statement: Blogging is just like a massively multi player online game, it could be […]

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FIFA 09 News Launched But Which Ads Should I Show?

16 June, 2008


Tweet Last year’s successful launch of FIFA 2008 News inspired me to try again this year. Through hard work and a lot of viral marketing (commenting on blogs and forum participation) I managed to make FIFA 2008 News one of the major FIFA blogs. I’ve moved the entire blog to and redirected the traffic […]

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Holy Gadget Batman Apple Releases *Insert Name Here*

9 June, 2008

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Tweet Warning:*This post may contain spoilers!* As the picture shows Apple has done it again. They’ve just announced it at the WWDC08 in San Francisco. I know that because I’m liveblogging from the PWAAWWDC08 (People Who Aren’t Attending WWDC08 aka. my living room). They’ve taken *insert common gadget name here* reinvented and redesigned it. All […]

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My Quest For The Apple Part Deux

22 May, 2008


Tweet As you might have read, I’m on a quest for either a MacBook or a PC. The comments in the latest post clearly shows that the battle between Apple and Microsoft - or OS X and Windows - is very easy to spot. Which one offers the most value? Since both the MacBooks (Pro) […]

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My Quest For The Apple Part 1

19 May, 2008


Tweet As many of my twitter followers probably are aware of I’m currently working on getting my hands on a MacBook Pro or just a MacBook. I just can’t make up my mind. I’ve been a happy Windows-user for many years. Way back when you typed Windows in DOS to start Windows 3.11 for Workgroups.

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