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I See Your Hans Zimmer And Raise You With John Williams

21 July, 2011


Tweet Paul Tassi at Unreality magazine wrote a great post about his second favorite composer, Hans Zimmer. I can only agree with Paul Tassi that Hans Zimmer is a great composer and he is in a close duel with John Williams, Clint Mansell, Steve Jablonsky and after the X-Men First Class score now also Henry […]

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The Overlook Hotel Restaurant Kids Place Mat

14 March, 2011


Tweet This is the place mat from Overlook Hotel known from “The Shining”. You might recognize a couple of the words in “Word Search”.

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Space Monolith Action Figure

9 December, 2010


Tweet This is just what every film nerd needs for Christmas or any other holiday. The “Space Monolith Action Figure” from ThinkGeek. This Kubrickan inaction figure has absolutely zero points of articulation and it’s full of stars. With the original proportions 1:4:9 and made of semisynthetic, organic, amorphous, solid materials (AKA plastic) all it needs […]

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Comedy Legend Leslie Nielsen - R.I.P.

29 November, 2010


Tweet When I was a kid I used to watch “The Naked Gun”, “Airplane” and the other Zucker films. My father and I good laugh for hours afterwards. We even practiced spotting the jokes in the background. The reasons why The Naked Gun was, besides the script, Leslie Nielsen, who unfortunately passed away today at […]

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Harry Potter Discusses Playing Daniel Radcliffe

25 November, 2010


Tweet In a very honest and naked interview Harry Potter discusses how it is to play Daniel Radcliffe. I can only agree with him. Americans never accepts European sports. Quidditch isn’t for sissies. You can get a broom burn. I Am Harry Potter from Daniel Radcliffe

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Worf: Worst Klingon Ever

20 October, 2010


Tweet I’m sorry for doing this Worf, but I could take you down with one arm tied to my back and my legs tied together. I think one of the Knights Who Say Ni could take you down without losing a single limb.

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Uncle Matin’s Sword Trick

5 October, 2010


Tweet Wait until the end. It is seriously worth the 1.55 minute of your time and it explains a lot!

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The Most Epic Picture You’ll See Today

23 September, 2010


Tweet It doesn’t get more epic than this. If you can think of something the artist has missed, let me know in the comments.

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What I’ve Always Wanted - A Vulcan Hoodie

16 September, 2010

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Tweet It’s a hoodie with an ordinary big hand when zipped, but zip it down a bit and suddenly you have the coolest hoodie ever made. As you can see in the picture, you’ll walk around giving people the biggest Vulcan salute ever. The hoodie is called “Traditional Greeting” and can be yours for only […]

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10 Pictures Of Real Life Super Heroes

13 September, 2010


Tweet These pictures are from the “Real Life Super Heroes Project” created by photographer Peter Tangen. It features ordinary people wearing super hero costumes/outfits. I think “Life” could be Mashable’s Pete Cashmore. I’ve always suspected him of having a secret identity. And we know that Scots can hide their accent pretty good. (I’m looking at […]

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