Show Me Your Desktop Fake Steve Jobs

Did you remember to read last week’s interview with Shoemoney? This season’s last interview is with Fake Steve Jobs.

Most people know Steve Jobs (creator of the iPhone), but not everybody read Steve Job’s secret blog/diary.

Some say it’s not written by Steve Jobs himself, but by Fake Steve Jobs. Some even say that Fake Steve Jobs actually is Forbes senior editor Dan Lyons.

Fake Steve Jobs aka. FSJ has nicknames for many things. Microsoft is The Borg, people who work at Microsoft are Borgtards, twitterers are twittertards, WSJ tech-journalist Walt Mossberg is Goatberg and Sarah Lacy is hot.

FSJ writes why Apple is so cool, and why Apple’s products are so damn innovative and awesome. He finds most people annoying and is upset by negative people.

FSJ like turtlenecks, black, white, trees, zen and is a benevolent dictator.

This video from TechCrunch’s Crunchies says it all:

And now the interview with the great Fake Steve Jobs

What is your background picture?

Solid blue.

Why did you chose that picture?

I’m boring. And easily distracted. Solid color lets me focus on what I’m doing.

If you have a personal and a work computer, which program do you use the most on your personal computer?


Which program do you use the most on your work computer?


Internet Explorer or Firefox?


Why do you use IE or FF?

I hate IE. I hate all the new Microsoft apps. Too cluttered and bloated.

What is your favourite program?


Which program is the worst?

If you mean what’s the worst program I use, I’d say it’s Quark CopyDesk. If you mean what’s the worst program in the entire known universe, it has to be Lotus Notes.

Do you have any tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your computer or blog?

Spend as much time as possible working on it.

Mac or Pc and why?

Mac. The OS is better.

Thank you very much Mr. Fake Steve Jobs. I’m really thrilled that you took the time, out of your very busy and innovative life. I know it can be hard to communicate with the man on the street.

Peace out!

This is the season finale (I always wanted to say that) of Show Me Your Desktop, but unlike certain other “shows”, I don’t cancel something, just because people don’t watch it. (Take that Fox, CBS, ABC and SciFi).

Season 3 will be back very soon with brand-new questions and more interesting people.

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  • Dan

    Wow… that’s a boring desktop…

    Don, Interview some people who have pictures of scantily clad ladies as their wallpapers!! that’s an order!

  • Dennis Bjørn Petersen

    Yeah I tried to email the Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends, but they called me creepy

    The closest we get to scantily clad ladies is Adam Ostrow’s desktop

  • prem123

    i think i am write like any famous personality but that not my job to cheat others