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Wed, Apr 23, 2008


I was pleasantly surprised to see The Beta News mentioned on MoMB, Museum of Modern Betas a few days ago. I’ve always been a big fan of MoMB and the work Saurier Duval puts into it.

If you are into twitter, you should check out MoMB’s top 100 popular twitter sites. Remember you can follow me on twitter.

My luck doesn’t end here though. I was even more surprised to see The Beta News mentioned on I’m very proud of the small “review” they gave me.

This Danish born blog has some interesting tidbits. The stories aren’t framed in boring techspeak—they are accessible and conversational. The blog has an easy to navigate design, it’s neither too text or photo heavy. It also has good stories—worth a read if you’re into tech.

Thank you, thank you /bow.

They do have a couple of questions

There are a lot of tech related blogs out there. How is this one going to draw in more users?
Will it offer more user interactive features such as commenting or even ratings?

Commenting - check. You can comment on The Beta News. Did the reviewer click on one of the posts?

Ratings - Interesting idea. Will it add value to The Beta News?

Again I’m very flattered that MoMB and KillerStartups added The Beta News to their pages. I’m a huge fan of both sites and, of course, they are in my feed reader.

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