Moving To Another Domain - What I’ve Learned So Far Part 2

Thu, Jul 19, 2007

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As you might know I recently moved from to In this article series I will explain about my experiences during the move. Read the first article before reading on.


I’m proud to say that my Alexa Rank has improved a lot since last week. One week ago it was 1,036,749. Today it’s 412,833, so 200,000 more and I’m back to “normal”. I expect it to keep falling, but maybe not as much as previously. If you want to know how to improve your Alexa Rank, then read my post here.


Last week my Technorati Authority was 12, this week it’s 29. Again I’m almost halfway there, since the previous was at 61. My Technorati has improved from 627,802 to 219,189. Currently I have 7 fans compared to Petersen Inc’s 30 fans. If you want to be my Technorati fan then please go here and add me and favourite my blog too please.

Las week I wrote about merging my Technorati Authority and Fans. Unfortunately that is a no go. I found this on the Technorati Support Forum:

I’m afraid that we are unable combine links from different URLs at this time. Links are URL based and are unique citations to that blog at that time. It is suggested to update the web server configuration to send a permanent redirect response (HTTP Status 301) to anyone requesting the old URL. This will help consolidate online blog presence for all web aggregators and help have links reestablished eventually.

My Page Rank won’t update until August as Court mentions in this article about Google PageRank.

I’m proud to say that my feed readers has improved. Currently there are 43 subscribers to The Beta News Feed. About my current theme. I’m still no happy about it. I was hoping it would be better supported, but as you can see my sidebar is pretty empty compared to my old theme. I’m currently looking for a Wordpress Theme designer to make me a new theme.

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  • You got another fan buddy. Good luck on finding the right theme.
  • Thank you very much BB.

    I'm in contact with different designers, lets see what happens.
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