9 Things That Makes You A Problogger - Year 2

10 March, 2009

General Nonsense

A year ago I wrote “9 Things That Makes You A “Wannabe” Problogger“. I guess you are all very excited to see what has happened since then. These are the bullets I think are a vital part of every problogger.

<Satire on>

  1. Use a Mac, usually a MacBook Pro, iMac or MacBook Air
  2. Keen interest in photography, usually a Canon Digital Rebel XTi or Nikon D40 or similar. Darren Rowse, Matt Mullenweg or Lisa Bettany. They all take great pictures and have a lot of followers on flickr
  3. Adobe Photoshop skills. The photographs must be edited in someway. Also great for making graphics for your blog posts
  4. Attend a convention. I always envy the bloggers that attend a blogger convention. SXSW is just one of the conventions I would love to participate in. There is so much going on there
  5. Speak at a convention.Jennifer Laycock, Guy Kawasaki, Lorelle VanFossen and Andy Beal travel the roads and sky thin speaking at conventions.
  6. Have a cool nickname. Robert Scoble is the Scobleizer and Jeremy Schoemaker is Shoemoney. Just to mention a few. I’m sure there are plenty of others out there too
  7. Vlog, podcast, lifecast or stream either your life or a daily/weekly show. Justin Kan from justin.tv, Sarah Meyers from Pop17.com, Justine Ezarik from iJustine and Chris Pirillo from LockerGnome all have a show or lifecast (sometimes both). Use services such as Revver, Qik, Ustream, Mogulus or YouTube
  8. Say smart, useful and thoughtful things on twitter or pownce
  9. Be a part of a Web 2.0 startup

To keep the post short, please read 9 Things That Makes You A “Wannabe” Problogger to see my answers one year ago.

And how does it look anno 2009:

  1. Yes…I’ve bought a MacBook Pro. Best computer I’ve ever had. It’s fast, stable and overall just great. I would recommend anyone to buy one.
  2. Still got the Nikon D40. I’ve upgraded it with a Nikon 55-200 mm lens and a Nikon SB-600 Flash. My wife is quickly becoming the pro-photographer.
  3. I’m still a Photoshop novice.
  4. SXSW is right around the corner and I (want) would still love to attend it. Unfortunately I haven’t been to a single blogger convention yet. There really aren’t any in Denmark.
  5. I’ve spoken at seminars and other work-related events, but never at a blogging convention. I still want to do that.
  6. I’m still stuck with “dennisbp” as username. I can live with that though. I still use “Dennis Bjørn Petersen” too. So unless something really interesting comes up, I stick to it.
  7. I still dream of podcasting or vlogging. I’ll get to that. It doesn’t define a problogger, so it’s not on top of my list. It could help me become one though…
  8. Pownce is dead, long live Twitter. Remember to follow me on Twitter. I say smart things!
  9. That’s a negative. I haven’t done anything to be a part of a Web 2.0 startup, so that’s ok.

So to sum up. My biggest wish is still to attend SXSW or a similar blogger conference. What’s your ambition? Do you plan on becoming a problogger too?

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