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Tue, Mar 25, 2008

What's On Your Computer

Last week I asked Adam Ostrow from Mashable and Readburner to show me his desktop. This week it’s Amber MacArthur’s (aka Amber Mac) turn. Her blog just got a major graphical overhaul and she has promised us to write more blog posts and take over the online world. The new layout looks great and good luck with online world domination.

Amber is co-founder of MGI Media, but you might know her from G4TechTV’s “Call For Help”, Webnation, commandN or [email protected] podcast, which is hosted by Amber and Leo Laporte. It runs on Leo Laporte’s own netcast network known as (This Week in Tech). [email protected] (previously “Inside The Net”) is published every Thursday. The topics range from Amber’s links to Web 2.0 entrepreneurs.

Amber also hosts commandN, a weekly video show with techtips, reviews, webpicks and more. It is one of the most downloaded video podcasts. It is the 20th highest ranked podcast on Digg. [email protected] is number 17. commandN has been around since 2005. It can be downloaded in various formats, including H.264 and Xbox360.

I’ve been a commandN viewer since Will Pate joined the show, its a coincidence actually. I didn’t know Will Pate before he joined the show.

Now on the the interview. You’ll learn that Amber not only dig fish, she also kicks computers…

What is your background picture?

I have clown fish on my background pic today.

Why did you chose that picture?

I dig fish.

If you have a personal and a work computer, which program do you use the most on your personal computer?

Skype on personal computer.

Which program do you use the most on your work computer?

Mailplane on work computer.

Internet Explorer or Firefox?

I am a Firefox junkie.

Why do you use Firefox?

I am hooked on Firefox extensions.

What is your favourite program?

Snapz Pro

Which program is the worst?

Apple iChat

Do you have any tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your computer or blog?

I think you can get the most out of your computer if you kick it when it’s down (I kid, I kid!).

Mac or Pc and why?

I am a Mac user because I like the overall user experience (and I sucker for a smooth user experience).

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions Amber. Keep up the good work with your shows and good luck with your fish-fetish.

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