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Thu, Jun 28, 2007

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This is part two of my blog tips and links. Today with Adsense.

Adsense is a service offered by Google. There are as many ideas and suggestions out there as there are sites/blogs on how you should position your ads. I’ve collected some of those that helped me where to place them. There are a bunch of plugins too, but I’ll cover those in another post.

Starting up from scratch
Google Adsense - Quick Introduction
Adsense Introduction: What is Adsense?
Google Adsense and Wordpress - Does it make cents?

Google’s heat map

General tips/collections Note that some tips are recycled
Google Information for Webmasters
Adsense tips for bloggers
Google Adsense Optimisation tips
Adsense tips to increase your revenue
Google Adsense Information, hints, tips and examples
13 Ultimate Adsense tips collection
10 Adsense tips for maximum click-through rates
7 ways to get super Adsense income
Top 10 AdSense Tricks To Boost Your Commission

Tips for better adsense ad layout
Don’t blind optimize your adsense
Adsense unit size tips
A short guide to ad sizes
Adsense loading order affects click value
How to positions ads on a blog
Where to place ads in Wordpress
AdSense Tips: What Decides the Ads that Get Displayed?
Finding the highest paying adsense keywords

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