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Fri, Jun 1, 2007

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Who wants to make money while others search the net? Recently launched gives you the opportunity to do that.

It is pretty simple - uses Google Adsense search bar known from many website, including this one. Instead of keeping the earnings for themselves it is shared among the users. When you sign up, you register with your Adsense id and that is it. Now when someone uses to search it could be your Adsense id that gets the “click”.

When you use Sharogle you are not searching with your own Adsense ID. Random IDs except your own are rotated for each query. Each time you search, you get a point. Members with the most points will enjoy a greater percentage of rotations. You will get paid from clicks produced by other members who used your ID during a search. The Sharogle system does not allow members to search using his own Adsense ID. Only the IDs of other members will be rotated during a search. Sharoglers get 50% of the revenue. It is free to sign up at and the only thing that can happen, is that you earn a little money.

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  • Don
    Thank you very much Lars. Yeah it doesn't hurt to try, besides it is free, easy and legal ;)
  • Sounds like something I would use.
    Gonna check it out now by using your Referral ID ;-)
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