Giving Away More Joost Invitations and Invites

Sun, May 13, 2007

Beta, Joost

I have around 996 invites that I’m giving away for free!

Drop me a comment and I’ll send it to you as soon as possible.

Update: David Lumerman has written usability test on Joost. Read the Joost usability test.

Update II: Peter at Turbino is giving away Joost invitations too. He has given over 170 invites out.

Update III: I have 800 invites left.

Update IV: 778 invites left. So there are plenty left.

Update V: 727 invites left.

Update VI (07.07.07): 600 invites left.

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This post was written by:

Dennis Bjørn Petersen - who has written 399 posts on The Beta News.

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  • Giancarlo Loquenzi
    Would you be so kind to send me an invitation to joost?
  • Invites have been sent to you all
  • Mike
    hi from Canada - would LOVE an invite...
  • Philip
    I would love an invite for Joost.

  • Søren
    I’ll love an invite!
    Regards Søren
  • ron
    Hi, I'd love to receive an invite for Joost if you have any to spare.
  • Morten
    Teste ut Joost høres bra ut
    Send meg gjerne en invite
  • Ken

    Jeg fandt dit navn og din kommentar, da jeg googlede Joost invitationer.

    Jeg håber at du har flere tilbage, jeg vil gerne prøve det - jeg har 8mbit, så der skulle være hul igennem til at prøve noget tv.
  • TF

    Jeg vil rigtig gerne bede om en invitation til Joost. Jeg håber det kan lade sig gøre.
  • Jesper
    Nice, ville gerne teste det, plz send mig en invite :)
  • Jan Hansen
    Vil super gerne inviteres hvis du stadig har flere invitationer tilbage.. :-)
  • Henrik Hansen

    I would like an invitation to Joost

    Thanks in advance
  • Steve McGarrett
    Joost me please!
  • Invites are on the way to you now.
  • CC
    An awesome initiative. I'd really love one as well, Joost seems like an awesome idea
  • Puneet
    It would be extremly helpful if you can send me an invite.
  • Thomas
    I would also like an invite to joost.

    Regards Thomas
  • i'll love an invite!
  • Lasse
    nothing at all :b this is getting kind-a weird ^^ maybe joost is blocking for more invites?
  • Lasse: Check your spam. Maybe it's there. I've sent invitations out to all, unfortunately the last 12 that asked for an invite hasn't used it yet.
  • Lasse
    why come i dont get any mails / invite?
  • Invites have been sent.
  • Petter T.
    Still got more invitations?

    I would really appreciate one. :-)
  • Jean Lauren
    Invites, please.
  • Claus
    Would appreciate an invitation.

    Thanks Man.
  • Kim Lillelund
    Prøv venligst [email protected] eller [email protected]

    VH Kim.
  • Kim Lillelund
    Har ikke modtaget nogen invite, ville meget gerne have en.

    Prøv venligst [email protected] eller [email protected]

    VH Kim.
  • Lasse
    maybe you could try to send the invite to my other mail? ([email protected])
  • Lasse
    i havent received any email? (i would really like one :D)
  • Invites are sent.

    PLEASE return and let me know what you think of Joost ;)
  • Lasse
    Hi "petersen"
    i would like an invite to :) (if you have time :) ) lasse.sander @ (without spaces)

    thanks :)
  • Lars Ø
    Jeg vil meget gerne have en invitation.

  • Hi, I would like to get an invitation to Joost.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Peter
    Hi Dennis
    Like your site.
    Belive those Skype guys will do it again so I would appreciate an invite to Joost when you have time.

    Brgds Peter
  • Jakob
    I would really appreciate an invite too :)
    I've tried so many places now...
  • Ali
    Hey, it would be nice if i could get an invitation... :D
    Thx in advance...
  • Please,
    Could i get an invite? :)

    Thank you :)
  • Kim Lillelund

    Please sent an invite to [email protected]

    Thanks in advance.
  • Hey
    I would very much like an invitation for the Joost party!
    pretty pretty please
  • arso
    please invite to [email protected]
  • Invites are sent. Let me know how it works for you
  • Lunden
    Hello There

    I would like an intive too.


    Best Regards
  • Daniel

    I´m lost here in Brazil, and there is no way i can get invited unless some giving soul (that´s... let´s see... YOU!!!) would be king enough to give me a hand.

    The address is
    compras [at] nogueira [dot] adv [dot] br

    thanks a ton
  • Noir
    hey mister

    nice gesture. see you around
  • André

    I Would love an Invite for Joost

    Mail: [email protected]

  • Kula5haker
    Hi Dennis

    I would like to receive an invite for Joost…
    Thank you in advance!
  • Bjarke
    I would love to receive an invite for Joost. I got at 20 mbit I wanna try out.....

    by the way, cool blog.. .
  • Anders
    Hi mate.
    That would be real cool with one of those invites.

  • Kim
    I would also enjoy an Invite. I would like to see what they can offer. National television sucks.
    Hail to skype, joost and kazaa.

    Free Enterprise rules.

    With Regard Kim.
  • Rasmus
    Hey Dennis...

    Would love an invite too if you still have any left.. :)

  • Betina
    Would also love to get an invite..
    Hope you've got one left for me..
    Thanks alot..
    - Betina
  • Don
    Invites are in your mailboxes.
  • Martin Sørensen
    Hi Dennis

    I would like to receive an invite for Joost...

    Thank you!
  • Could you please shoot me over an invite at torpedojost [at] Thanks much.
  • Nikolak Feidenhansl
    I would like an invitation as well. :)
    fjalokin at gmail dot com

    Nikolaj (not the same)
  • Nikolaj
    And my e-mail is [email protected]


  • Nikolaj

    Please drop me an invitation for Joost

    Mvh Nikolaj
  • Esben
    Appreciate an invite to Joost. Thanks!
  • Peter
    I would love to get an invite, if you have any left. Thank you in advance :-)
  • Flemming Pederseb
    I'd appreciate an invite to Joost - thank you in advance.
  • Heps, har du flere joost invites tilbage? :-)
  • Olaf Klein
    Be so kind
    Thank you
  • Carsten Pedersen

    Ville blive yderst taknemlig hvis du ville gi´ mig en joost invitation..
    Takker mange gange på forhånd..
  • jon
    thanks in advance!
  • David
    Thanks for the invite.. Looking forward to Joost,

  • Jens
    jeg kunne også godt bruge en invitation;-)

  • Don
    Invites are sent.
  • chrisb
    Hey. Har sniffet mig frem til, man kan spørge om en invite til joost her :) SÃ¥.. kunne godt tænke mig en herlig invitation - [email protected]

    Takker :)
  • Hej,

    Jeg har hørt rigtig meget godt om Joost, men har endnu ikke været heldig at blive inviteret. Hvis du skulle ligge inde med flere invitationer, kunne jeg rigtig godt tænke mig en. Så jeg kan følge med i hvad folk taler om!!

    På forhånd tak!

    DJ Gismo
  • Hi,

    I would like to take Joost for a spin and see if it lives up to the hype... So if possible one invite to CH...


  • Simon
    I will be very happey, if can get a invitation

    from simon...
  • Don
    Invites are in your mail. Please come back and tell me what you think of Joost.
  • achilleas
    Hey mate, nice of u to invite so many people. If you have any left I'd really love to get one and try joost as well. Thnx
  • Søren Ulsig
    Jeg synes at det er super at du deler invites ud, det virker som et meget lovende program, og jeg kunne virkelig godt tænke mig at prøve det.

    Så hvis du vil sende mig en invite ville det bare være super :)
  • Jeppe Bjørn Petersen
    Hej :D

    Gad du ikke sende en invitation til mig: [email protected]


    Ville bare blive super glad for det :-)
  • Jesper B Jensen
    Goddag makker...

    Jeg kunne virkelig godt tænke mig en invite til Joost..!
    Jeg synes det er det fedeste projekt de har gang i og jeg vil næsten sælge min sjæl for en invite...
    SÃ¥ please. Hvis du har flere tilbage

    På forhånd tak
  • Chris
    I would like an invite if you have any left.
    I'm very interested in checking Joost out.

  • Schou
    Det ville være rart med en joost invitation, hvis du stadig har nogen tilbage….?

    På forhånd tak
  • Don
    Invites are in your mails. Let me know your thoughts on Joost please.
  • Kragen
    Hvis du har en invite til mig, ville det være super

  • Morten

    I'm very interesting in testing Joost so if you have any invitations left I would appreciate one...

  • Lars

    Jeg vil sætte pris på invitation til joost, så jeg kan se hvad det er...

    På forhånd tak,
  • magnus
    Can i get an invite please...
    Tanx a lot...

    Magnus from sweden
  • Henrik christensen
    Jeg siger TAK for invitation til Joost
  • René

    Kunne være rart med en joost invitation, hvis du stadig har nogen tilbage....?

    Mange tak,
    hilsen René
  • Don
    @Jonas: Thank you very much for your feedback, Jonas. I really appreciate that. I've written two articles about Joost performance. Maybe you can find some solutions in those?! It is a very interesting site you have there. Very impressive :-)
  • tim
    Hi there, i would love a joost invite. Thousand thanks!
  • Thanks Don =D

    Only played with it for a little while, the whole thing seems really cool but I think the interface and navigation parts could use a bit of work - not extremely intuitive. Also, bit dissapointed by the video quality, but hopefully that's just a beta thing and will get better. Certainly doesn't hold a candle to the quality you get from

    I'll let you know once I get a bit further with my exploration ;-)
  • Eduardo Felipe
    Please give ne Joost a try :)

    [email protected]
  • Peter Nilsson
    Hi! I´m very intrested in trying out Joost, so an invite would be appreciated!

  • Henrik christensen
    Joost invitation tak
  • Don
    @Jonas: No problem at all ;) Invite is in your mailbox. Let me know what you though of it please.
  • Heh, sorry 'bout that, hadn't stumbled upon this post when I wrote the last comment ;-)

    I'd also love an invite to joost =D

  • Don
    Invites are in your mail boxes. Please come back and let me know what you thought of Joost.
  • Ole
    I’d love a Joost invite too please, if you’ve got any left!
  • Jan
    Brænder for at blive Joost beta-tester.
    På forhånd tak.
  • Andreas

    Ville vildt gerne have en invite til Joost

    hvis du stadig har flere:D

    På forhånd tak

    // Andreas
  • Søren

    Hvis du stadig har flere invitationer vil jeg super gerne have til sendt en:D

    på forhånd tak

  • Sajan
    I have read about joost in the newspaper y'day .. would love to try it out .. please send me an invitation ..
  • Thomas Dyhre
    Hejsa det ville være lidt fedt hvis du kunne sende mig en invite, mangler lidt at kigge på om natten ;-)
  • Line

    Jeg vil meget meget gerne have fat i en invitation til Joost :-) Har længe prøvet at få fat i en og glæder mig vildt til at afprøve det! På forhånd tusind tak.

    [email protected]
  • Thomas Madsen

    Tak for et informativt site! Jeg kunne godt tænke på en invite til Joost også - det ser ud til at blive et meget spændende produkt.

    På forhånd tak - Thomas
  • Don
    Invite are in your mail boxes. Please return and tell me what you thought of Joost. Thank you.
  • Mette

    Invitation would be much appreciated in Basel.

  • Casper
    I would LOVE an invite to Joost... thank you so much... :D
  • Anders
    Hi please send me a invitation to joost
  • G Arriaga
    please send one over here! Thanks!

    ga5 (at) duke (dot) edu
  • Rasmus
    If you still are handing out invites for Joost I would like to receive one. Please!
  • Rasmus
    If you still are handing out invites for Joost I would like to receive one. Please!
    [email protected]
  • broadlines
    could you please send me a joost invite
  • Kim T
    Hvad så har du glemt mig?? :(

    Eller har du ikke flere invittationer tilbage ;)

    /Kim T
  • Martin Frost
    Hey, Can I have an invitation to joost, please

    :-) Martin
  • c_skytte
    Hi there!

    I was wondering if I could get a Joost Invite??
    I'd REALLY love to have one!

    - cs
  • Don
    Joost invites are in the mail.
  • Jeedoh
    Hvis du har flere invitationer, måtte du meget gerne sende en til

    [email protected]
  • Hvis der er flere invitationer, vil jeg ogsÃ¥ meget gerne have en. Send til klaus(at)

  • joe
    pyha ikke nemt at få fat i en men har du flere så ja tak ;D
  • Kjeld
    Har hørt meget godt om Joost - ville derfor være meget taknemlig for en invitation.

    På forhånd tak
  • xray
    En joost invite hadde jeg satt stor pris på :)

    [email protected]
  • Rune

    Jeg har hørt om dit venlige projekt, og er også meget interesseret da jeg mangler en gave til min bror...
    En joost invitation ville være toppen...
    På forhånd tak

    [email protected]
  • Michael B
    Mange tak for hjælpen - det var sørme hurtig respons!

  • Kim T

    Jeg vil også blive glad hvis du ville sende mig en invitation til joost

    På forhånd mange tak ;)
    Kim T
  • Don
    Thank you very much for the kind words guys ;) (Manne tak)
    @Stry: Ja det er r*v og n*gler. De kunne da godt lige have slået OB.

    Invitations are in your mail boxes now!
  • Kim Toft

    Jeg ville blive glad hvis du ville sende mig en invitation til joost

    På forhånd Tak

  • Frank Henriksen

    Would love to try out this "Joost-thing". So if there are more invites left, I woluld love to have one.

    [email protected]
  • Michael B
    Jeg ville blive utrolig glad for en invitation til joost, da jeg er spændt på at afprøve de nye muligheder.

    På forhånd mange tak :-)

  • Morten
    Hey I would be very happy if you send me a joost invitiation.

    My Mail is [email protected]
  • Peter

    I would very much appreciate if you would send me an invitation. I'm looking forward to discover the possibilities of Joost.

  • Stry
    Hej Dennis,

    Jeg kan se at vi har fælles preference for Byens Hold.
    Det var lidt skidt med pokalfinalen, men Skabet står i hvert fald hvor det skal :-).

    Nå, men den lumske bagtanke med dette indlæg er jo i virkeligheden at få lokket en Joost-invite ud af dig - så den håber jeg du vil sende mig.

    På forhånd tak :-)
  • nick
    Please send me an invitation for Joost.
    Thanx a lot:)
  • Hi
    Please send me an invitation for Joost. It sounds just great. Thanks in advance.
  • Lars Fogh

    I'd love an invite for joost :)

    På forhånd tak

    og du for 5 af mig ;)
  • Per
    I looked over the sugested modifications of the registry and the .js files - an tried them out. Allthough the result was as expected, the same - a lot of errors from my router. Not surprising due to the fact that the alterations increased the number of sessions. Nothing to do but gripping the hard-hat and telnet' the router with a reference manuel by hand. I did increase the ip nat sessions from 512 to 1024, and that solved the problem. But I don't expect everyday users to be able to do that. Despite the fact that I limited Joost to use 50 sessions, my XP must in all its glory have used above 462 itself...
  • Jeg arbejder med medie og vil gerne væer med pÃ¥ vognen sÃ¥ venligst send mig en invitation.
    På forhånd tak
  • Don
    @Per: Thank you for your feedback. I've written two articles about the potential Joost issues. I think yours is covered in the last one. (Top 5) Audio and Video settings. You can edit a few .js-files, but the threads will tell you all about it.
  • Per
    Hi Don

    Thanks for the invitation. Here are my first impressions - don't wonder too long on your Joost-id at the registration phase - the program just vanishes... Well worked next time with me not looking out the window...
    The speed at which the shows are recieved are quite impressive. This includes shuffling forth and back with the slider. Generelly the shows was streming with 0.7 Mbps but did hit the ceiling of my connection at 3.7 Mbps at times.
    After half an hour I closed Joost, and found that my router had flamed my mailbox with error-mails every 30 secs with something like " exceeds the max. number of session per host!". Anyone got any ideas on that one ?

  • Mikkel Nepper-Christensen
    Kan du undvære en invitation til Joost? Så vil jeg blive glad...
  • Don
    Invites should be in your mailboxes.

    @Jaymes: Thank you for reporting back. I really appreciate it ;)
  • Soren
    Please, send me an invitation. I'll really appreciate.
  • Mikkel

    Osse mig, osse mig! Det skal prøves på mit mac mini mediacenter :-)
  • Heya, I really appreciate the invitation i have downloaded and installed it and LOVE IT! so far so good its running well on my computer, good shows and cant wait for more! thanks again for the Invitation!
  • Don
    Invitations are in your mailboxes.

    Please come back and let me know about your Joost experiences.
  • alpha
    [email protected]

    In case you got anything left...send me some (A)

    ow name..its dutch:P
  • Heya, Can i bum a friend invite off ya if you have one, Thanks if you do :-)

    [email protected]
  • Morten Horner
    Send invite plz :)
  • Per
    Hej - jeg vil også gerne bede om en invitation. Det ville være super! Så vil der blive glæde i det lille hjem :-)
  • Hi!
    Send me one, please.

    asandman [at]
  • Don
    Joost invites should be in your inboxes now.

    Let me know what you think of Joost please
  • Michael Nielsen
    Please, one Joost-invite for me too ?
  • Hey!

    Would love an invite, thanks in advance!

    onkelschark [at] gmail .com
  • Johannes
    Hey mate,

    If Joost is as pimp as everyone are saying I would really appreciate an invite. Sweeeet!

    Thanks Don!
    MR J.

  • Flemming
    Hi Don,

    Yes, I'd love to have an invite for Joost.

    Thanks a lot

  • Kelvin
    Awesome of you to hand out invites! I'd appreciate one.
  • Don
    Invites are in your mail.

    Please return and share your experiences with Joost.
  • An invite would be great, thanks!
  • raven
    hey i would love an invite

  • MarkandShel
    Would love an invite...Thanks!!!
  • Hi, Would love an invite, Thank you so much!

  • Hi, thanks for offering the invites. I would love one, please. My email munirrah[at]gmail[dot]com
  • Steve
    Hi can you please send an invite to SteveSaah(AT)gmail(.)com?

    Thank you
  • Eric
    I would love a Joost ID - please send to eric.d.moore[at]gmail[dot]c0m

  • Ali
    [email protected]. Please send me an invit'. Thanks
  • ole
    Det vil være rigtig godt med en invitation til Joost
  • adam
    would appreciate an invite


  • Neal Goldman
    thanks for the offer of an invite. I'd love one if you still have some left. ngoldman[at]yahoo[dot]com
  • Omer
    I would like to get an invitation : omer72[at]gmail[dot]com

  • Don
    Hi Jason, it was my pleasure.

    Let me know how Joost worked out for you.

    PS: Did you remember to sign up for my feed? ;)
  • Jason
    Hey Don, just wanted to thank you for the invitation, mad props to you, I really appreciate it. :)

    Thanks again man!
  • Don
    Invites are in your mail.

    Panama: Thank you for signing up for my feed.
  • Wiebra
    Can you please send me an invitation.
    "wiebra at gmail dot com"
  • panama
    I signed the feeder. I think i did it right.

    I would like the joost. I live in japan and it is hard to get good tv here.

  • panama
    please invite to joost

  • Don
    Invites are on their way to you all.

    Please come back with your thoughts and experiences.
  • Hej!

    Skicka gärna en till mig också! Tack på förhand!


    tack på förhand!
  • Claus
    Jeg vil da gerne give det et kritisk blik - wmclarw[at]hotmail[.]com

    Tusind tak for den flinke gestus!
  • hi,

    if you have any invitations left, then i would take one:


    thanks in advance
  • Heide
    If there is an Invitation left i would like to have one.


    Thank you very much in Advance

  • Marius

    if you have any invitations left, then i would take one:


    thanks in advance
  • tomo
    Phew, so am I in time?

    ...I can only imagine that it would be so warying to send out as many as 800 invees to people who you don't know at all.
    How can I praise your kindness. Thank you very much indeed, sir.
  • Hej Petersen

    Jeg vil blive super glad for adgang til Joost.
    Mit TV er også lige brændt i stykker :(

    På forhånd tak!

    [email protected]
  • Jason
    Hey there good sir, I read your post on TechCrunch and thought I'd drop by to solicit you for a Joost invitation, hopefully your fingers aren't bleeding yet ;-)
  • ThreeBytesFull
    I'd love a Joost invite too please, if you've got any left! :)
  • Hey!
    Getting a Joost invite would be totally awesome!
    joris [at] machielse [dot] org
  • Ben

    Would be gret to get a Joost invite if you have time,

  • Kir
    Would love an invite as well: wavemakerz{at}gmail[dot]com
  • Mike
    Hi! I would love invite: mike61079[at]yahoo[dot]com

  • Helge
    A free Joost invite sounds great, thanx in advance!
  • Don
    Invites are on the way to you ASAP!

    Please return with your thoughts and comments about Joost.

    nleavens: Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to seeing you here again ;)
  • felix[REMOVETHIS] at

  • nleavens
    followed in from techcrunch - nice site. will return.

    i'd take a joost invite!

    thanks a bunch!

  • Dryzer
    I would appreciate a little invite, Thanks.
    dryzer [at] dryzer [dot] com

  • Rumble
    Hello. I'd love an invite too!
    mike [dot] rumble [at] mac [dot] com
  • Gal
    I would like to get an invitation.

  • I'd like to try this Joost. Thanks in advance!

  • Tal
    please invite me

    JubBoy333[at] gmail[dot] com

    thank you in advance
  • Justin Rough
    I'd love an invite please, thanks in advance :)

  • I would appreciate an invite, Thanks!
  • Akiva Lorenz
    Hi, I would like to receive an invitation to joost too.
    And good luck with your site.
  • James
    Please send me one!!

  • Alberto
    Give one please!
    [email protected]
  • Casper
    Hey, I'l love to get a invite to Joost. ( Jeg vil elske at få en invitation til Joost.

  • Heidi

    I would very much like an invite also...


    [email protected]
  • Don
    Christina, Brian and Anne Marie: Invitations have been sent.

    How did you find my blog? (Hvordan fandt i frem til min side?)
  • Anne marie

    jeg er christina jensens mor og vil også meget gerne modtage en invitation.

    mange hilsner

    [email protected]
  • Hejsa
    Skulle der være flere invitationer ledige til Joost, så vil jeg sætte stor pris på at få en. Da jeg ineressere mig meget for alt nyt som internettet kan udnyttes til.

  • Christina Jensen
    Hej Petersen Inc.

    Jeg vil meget gerne have en invitaton, hvis du har flere tilbage :o)

    Joost er et nyt vidunder indenfor internettes mange muligheder og det vil jeg gerne være en del af.

    MVH christina jensen

    e-mail: [email protected]
  • Don
    Invitations have been sent.

    Please come back and share your experiences with Joost.
  • Arbiter
    Ville sætte meget pris på en Joost invite :)

    God weekend (de sørgelige rester der er tilbage her søndag, kl 15:20 :P )

  • Martin
    Ville blive super glad for en invitation...

    På forhånd mange tak...
  • Henning
    jeg vil virkelig gerne have en invite til joost, det lyder nemlig som en rigtig fed ide.

    på forhånd tak

  • Bo
    Would love to receive an invitation :-)

    Thanks, m8!
  • Don
    Invitations are sent.

    Please return to and let me hear your thoughts about Joost and my site.
  • Hi, I'd love an invite!

    my mail: [email protected] - invite thx! :D
  • Torben Hansen
    I would love a Joost invite. Please send to this address: [email protected]
    Please ;-)
  • Kristoffer

    I would like an joost invite

  • Don
    Invitations have been sent.

    Mads: Held og lykke med dit kommende udstyr. Det skal du nok blive glad for. Umiddelbart intergreres Joost ikke i Media Center, men der findes garanteret et work around eller plugin som kan hjælpe dig ellers kommer det med garanti meget snart.

    Hans: I've been beta-testing Joost since last year, I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. Invitations used to be limited to 5, but they opened the beta test May 1st for the public. 999 invitations is pretty close to unlimited ;)

    Enjoy the testing guys and let me know how it worked out for you.
  • Hans Peter
    I'll take one of those invites ;)

    How did you get so many? Most people only got 5. How do you like Joost so far?

  • Syswatch

    Jeg ville blive overlykkelig for en invitation til Joost ;-)

    På forhånd tak
  • Peter
    I like a invite to joost

    tnx in advance
  • Don
    I have around 940 invites left. So keep them coming and let me know what you thought of Joosts.
  • peter n
    would love to get a invite to joost
  • Mads Søndergaard

    Jeg vil meget gerne have en invite til Joost! Har prøvet via, men uden held. Jeg er vild med Mediacenter Pc'er, og er ved at købe denne: samt denne højttaler: og en stor fladskærm, så jeg er meget intersseret i hvordan joost vil kunne virke her!

    På forhånd tak for hjælpen.

    Rigtig god weekend!!

  • Keith
    I would love a Joost invite. Please send to the following address

    [email protected]
  • Don
    Invitations should be in your mailboxes.

    Lennart: Du har ret. Konkurrence har aldrig skadet og hvis Joost kan konkurrere med CD og Viasat er det perfekt. Joost har fået nogle rigtig gode kontrakter i hus, så jeg tror vi kan forvente meget mere kvalitet fra dem. Der skulle gerne ligge en invitation i din indbakke nu.
  • lennart
    jeg skriver sgu også lige på dansk. Jeg har læst en del om joost, og syntes det lyder meget spændene. Jeg syntes at det er fedt hvis der kan komme nogle konkurrenter til canal digtal og viasat som nærmest har monopol på dig fleste kanaler. De udnytter deres monopol til at hive sindsygt mange penge ud af folk. Jeg håber Joost kan gøre noget ved det. Jeg ville være meget glad hvis jeg kunne få en invitation, da jeg meget ville prøve det.

    med venlig hilsen lennart
  • lennart
    I would love to have a joost invitation, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • kong
    Please, send me one invitation. Thanks
  • Øystein

    En invitasjon ville vært fint, har gledet meg til å teste det ut kan blir intresangt i fremtiden å se hvordan det vil fungere opp mot allerede eksisterende store firmaer som har andre programmer

    Hilsen Øystein
  • Erik Andre
    Hi there

    I would be very happy if you'd share an invite with me!


    I swear to give feedback once I've tested it.
  • Ragnar

    I would love to get an invitation.
    Found you on


  • Hi there.

    Would really like an invite to. Found your site on google, and hopping you still have invites left.

  • Don
    Invitations are on their way to you now.

    Trond: Thank you and thanks for telling me how you got here. Its always nice to know where my readers come from and how they found me!
  • I would love to have a joost invitation, found your page in, i guess u wonder about that, also earned u some money, clicking at your ads.
    Best regards from Trond
  • Jakob

    Could you send me an invite?

    Thank you very much :o)
  • hey i want in invite too... (o: can't wait to try it??
  • Evil-Monkey
    I would love a invitation.


  • Don
    Invitations are on the way to you all now.

    Let me hear what you think of Joost.
  • Jensbh
    Hi, I would love having an Joost invitation
    Vh Jens
  • Mogens Jensen

    Jeg vil meget gerne have en invite - glæder mig til at checke det ud!

    Rigtig god weekend!!

  • Hep!

    Jeg melder mig også i skaren af nysgerrige, der gerne vil se, hvad min gl. CC kollega har bedrerevet denne gang :-)

    Go weekend,
    hilsen Kim Emax
  • erik
    hope you wil give mee a invitation to tv projekt from janus
  • Smaglio
    I would love an invite to joost!!!
    I excited about this revolution to the (Money-swallowing-multibillion-business)
    And I would bee more than happy too "give away" my thoughts too joost ;)

    Fight the POWER 69
  • Ken Hagino
    Hi Don,

    I would appreciate an invitation to Joost.

  • Don
    Invites are on the way.

    Have fun and let me hear your thoughts when you've tested Joost please.
  • Torben Schütze
    Jeg vil ligeledes meget gerne modtage en invitation til Joost, så kan det lade sig gøre vil jeg blive meget taknemmelig :-)

    Mvh Torben
  • Emil

    I will be happy to have an invite. I have a project about Janus Friis and Joost, so it will be perfect if you will give me an invite.

  • Thomas Hamilton
    you would do me a HUUUGE favor if you send me an invite.
  • I would be very happy to recieve an invite

    blazedk (a) gmail (dot) com
  • brian
    I would love an invite! Cheers.

    [email protected]
  • Don
    Joost invitations has been sent!

    Let me hear your thoughts/experiences when you've tested Joost please ;)

    I've got plenty more invitations so keep them coming.
  • Martin V
    Well... you guessed it... an invitation for me, please?

    Thanks in advance!
  • I will love to use tv on internet so i want a invite from you
    i use Vista 32 bit

    Best Regards
  • Don
    Invites has been sent.

    Please subscribe to my feed at and let me know what you think of Joost.
  • Michael

    If you aren't short on invites and have the time, please send one this way :)

    Thanks in advance

  • Thomas

    I would also like to by your Joost friend, if there's more friend invites ledt ;-)


  • Kenneth Andersson
    Hey dennisbp

    Could also use an invite i you have more left.

    Best Regards
  • Don
    Joost invites are sent to all of you. Have fun and let me hear what you think of it please :-)

    Hans Martin: You can call me your friend ;)

    Kristian: Thank you for the kind words ;)
  • Kristian Andersson
    Wow that was fast. You are the best dennisbp :-)
  • Hans Martin
    I don't have any friends :( I’d love an invite :)
  • Kristian Andersson
    Would be glad if i could get an invite :-)

    [email protected]
  • Peter Tolborg
    If you still are handing out invites for Joost I would like to receive one. Please!
  • Michael Andersen
    Hi. I would very much appreciate an invitation for Joost. Thanx a lot!
  • Alan
    Hi, would be great if you have still an invite to Joost left.

    Using Skype for years and just been a little slow at getting the newsletter for Joost.

  • It would be very nice to receive an invitation for Joost, thanks in advance!
  • dennisbp
    Thank you very much for stopping by guys. The invitations are sent out. Let me hear your thoughts about Joost please ;)

    Have fun!
  • DJ
    Can I have an invite please?
  • Al
    An invite to joost would be great.

    [email protected]
  • Bryce
    I'd love an invite please. Thanks so much! My email is cundick [at]
  • jeebos
    Many thanks for the invite, received and downloaded Joost.

    A note to PowerPC users, Joost only works on intel Macs.
    PPC version still in development.
  • Ray
    Hi! I love the layout of this site. I'm a digg user and hoping to also get a joost invite. Would that be possible? My email is rayctsang [at]
  • philip
    Invite for me too, please.
    doctorp at gmail
  • srikanth
    hey, can you send me an invite? I would love to try Joost.
  • dennisbp
    Invites have been sent. Please come back and let me hear your thoughts about Joost. Thank you :-)
  • Steve Peterson
    Wow, you must be in the know to have so many invites to hand out. Perhaps you could send one to me here int he UK?
  • Nathan Hamlet
    Hey can you send me an invite [email protected] Thanks in advance
  • Ronnie B
    thanks for the invite! i will def let you know what i think!
  • Steven Copla
    I’d love to get one as well!
  • Daniel Sousa
    I want a joost invitation.

    E-mail: [email protected]
  • Doug
    I'd love an invite myself. Thanks!
  • elblanco
    Can I get an invite to Joost? Thanks!

    elblanco.fs [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Zac Dydek
    Thanks for your generosity with these Joost invites. =)

    I'd love to get one as well!
  • dennisbp
    Joost invites are on their way to you guys.

    Enjoy and please let me know what you think of it. I would really appreciate it ;)
  • Ronnie B
    I would greatly appreciate an invitation. Thanks for your generosity.
  • Cagrieb
    Appreciate an invite to Joost. Thanks!
  • jeebos
    i'd really appreciate one of those Joost invitations.
    Many thanks if you can, incredibly generous of you.
  • Deanw
    hey mate can i get an invite please
  • dennisbp
    Anytime Nicolas.

    Let me know what you think of Joost when you've tried it out.
  • Nicolas
    Thank you very much :)
  • dennisbp
    Thank you for stopping by. The invitations are on their way to you now!
  • Nicolas
    Hi, I would love having an invitation :)
  • Daniel

    I'd love to get a Joost Invite!

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