A Few Web 2.0 Sites to Make Your Life Easier

Wed, May 23, 2007

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Don’t you just hate it? You hear a song somewhere, but you don’t know who made it, or there is a certain melody in your head and you can’t remember the name of it. Well fear not. iden.tify.us is here to help you find people, that can help you identify that song or melody. It works really simple. You can get your song identified in three ways:

  1. You can upload the mp3, supply as much information as possible, tag it and put it into a genre.
  2. Link to an online video using the embed code from YouTube or another video site, supply as much information as possible again, tag it and put it in a genre
  3. If you haven’t got any of it you can simply describe it as best you can and hope the best.

The other Web 2.0 site I will show you today is Sclipo. Don’t know how to make the perfect beard shave, how to make caramel chicken, give a professionel massage or extract backgrounds from images - Sclipo has the answer. It features user-submitted tutorials on every possible topic. You can either use tags or the search function to find useful (and sometime useless) tutorials.

Do you know any other websites that makes your every day easier?

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  • Yes I noticed that post, I'll have to make time to have a look through the sites.
  • Don
    @thelookout: I just noticed you are interested in the paranormal and conspiracies. You should read the post about the video services. I am pretty sure there is a site that will interest you.
  • Don
    Yes StumbleUpon. It is a great service. I've been a happy user for almost two years now. LIke you I've found so many sites I would never have found with out SU.

    I think I have to sign up with one of these mail services. There is plenty of material for an entire blog post about those too. Thank you for pointing them out, thelookout.
  • My favourite is probably StumbleUpon: http://thelookout.stumbleupon.com I've found so many sites through 'stumbling' that I would never have know about otherwise.

    One I just found recently was http://www.contactify.com It lets you set up a link for people to email you through, so you don't need to put your email address up for spammers to collect.

    e.g. my link is http://www.contactify.com/343a1

    I also found a site similar to spambox: http://www.guerrillamail.com the difference being that this site doesn't forward mail, instead you view your received mail in your browser. Its geared more towards helping you register at sites that ask for email verification, but where you don't want to give them your 'real' email address.
  • Don
    Thank you very much for the link. There is plenty of stuff on that page to write from. Which site is your favourite Web 2.0 site?
  • There's a great list of web 2 sites at http://www.seomoz.org/web2.0 (2007 web 2.0 award winners)
  • Don
    Yes of course. Thank you, Max. I will gather all the ideas from this post in one big list. Keep the ideas coming please! ;)
  • max
    yes, http://spambox.us is great for leaving your email somewhere.
    easy, fast and useful.

  • Don
    @Jakob: Sounds great! Let me know what you think of them.
  • Well I sure have been in this situation several times! I will check it out, right away.
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