Watch The Leaked Thor Movie Trailer Before It’s Gone

30 July, 2010


I’ve previously written about Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming Thor movie. Last time all I could show you was a image of Thor, Odin and Loke (as us closest to the Norse gods call him). In this almost 5 minute long trailer we see a lot more details. Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulsen, who we first met in Iron Man 2 1 (Thanks for reminding me), get a lot more screen time. He is replacing Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) as the SHIELD representative in the Thor movie.

Chris Hemsworth looks very Scandinavian (if I let my hair and beard grow you couldn’t tell us apart), Asgård doesn’t look like I imagined it, but that’s ok. I’m still not sure Anthony Hopkins is the right choice as Odin, but it’s very cool that he has accepted the role. Tim Hiddlesworth (Loke) looks very scheming and like a god that shouldn’t be trusted. Let’s not forget the last 20 seconds of the trailer featuring the Odin-forged suit of armor known as Destroyer. Thor better get a hold of his hammer pretty quick. Though I have a feeling we won’t see Destroyer until the end of the movie. It’s an obvious adversary for The Avengers.

But enough writing. Here is the leaked Thor movie trailer. (Watch it before it’s taken down again)

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