My iPad Impressions Guest Post On Elektronistamag

10 May, 2010


I’ve written a guest post on about my first impression using my iPad. Christiane’s upcoming and very informative site for women, who aren’t just interested in pink gadgets, but with an interest in tech, but not neccessarily in what makes tech tick(?!)

Say goodbye to pink, girly gadgets and hello to real stuff you can turn on. We handpick the best for you, give you less boring tech talk and more exciting, fun and relevant stories from the present digital life. We discuss major and minor trends and look into the crystal ball of future digital living.

Elektronistamag features articles you won’t always find on your mainstream tech site, usually with less focus on tech and more focus on useability, design and trends.

Men are also welcome on You can also follow Elektronistamag on twitter

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