Star Wars - Now Legal on YouTube

24 May, 2007

Web 2.0

Did you ever feel like making your own Star Wars movie without Jar Jar Binks? Now is the chance. George Lucas (The Litigator) and Lucasfilm is making 250 Star Wars clips from all six films available on to mash up - meaning you can mix them as you like. The clips will land tomorrow on celebrating the 30th anniversary of Star Wars.

Using the free online editor program from Eyespot you can post your own creation on your blog or social networking site like MySpace or Wallop. According to Lucasfilm there are about 98,000 hits on YouTube alone when searching for StarWars. I could only find 92,000 Star Wars-related clips on YouTube though (Yeah it took me some time). Making the clips available on a way to get more traffic to the site and they have total control over how the clips are used. Eyespot checks every “film” for nudity, pornography or shaved wookies (OK I added the last one myself) and a backup team of screeners (in Costa Rica) will view every “film” before it goes live.

The idea is clever in more ways. We won’t forget Star Wars (especially the merchandise), it is a good way to launch the new videogame “The Force Unleashed”, the animated TV-series and the live-action TV-series.

Personally I think this is a great idea. I really enjoy watching those clips on YouTube with Storm Trooper Cops or the Death Star Help Desk, so hopefully we will get even more of those.

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