Show Me Your Desktop Lisa Brewster

23 April, 2008

What's On Your Computer

If you missed Larissa Meek’s interview last week, make sure you head over there and read it. This week it’s Lisa Brewster’s turn to show me her desktop.

Lisa Brewster aka. Adora calls herself “just some girl on the internet”, but if you ask me, she is on her way to being much more than that.

Lisa is taking part in Mahalo’s VLOGIdol. She is one of the finalists and could be the host on Mahalo Daily. If you want to support Lisa, which I’ll encourage you to do, join her Facebook Fan group, send her a SASE and get a free “I want Lisa to host Mahalo Daily” sticker and give her your support here.

It’s a tough competition with a lot of talented women with both beauty and “geeky”.

Lisa is the product manager for StartUp Schwag. The Web 2.0 schwag club. Once per month they will send you a bag with schwag, usually a t-shirt and some stickers. I’d love to become a member, but it’s $25 every month because I live in Denmark. US-residents get it a lot cheaper.

If you want to learn more about Lisa and her many projects, I suggest you visit, Lisa Brewster Photography and

And now for the interview:

What is your background picture?

Why did you chose that picture?

I’ve always been a fan of basic black, but when I got my Thinkpad I wanted something warmer and slightly feminine. My work computer, however, has a picture of a neurotic kitten wielding a chainsaw.

If you have a personal and a work computer, which program do you use the most on your personal computer?

According to Wakoopa, I mostly use Firefox and Photoshop. I recently switched from Miranda IM to Trillian Astra, so chatting in general deserves a higher ranking than what it currently has.

Which program do you use the most on your work computer?

Outlook and VMware Server.

Internet Explorer or Firefox?

Firefox, of course.

Why do you use Firefox?

Since Firefox has such a huge catalog of plugins, I’m able to customize it to fit into my workflow better. I don’t think I could live without the Web Developer toolbar and Remove It Permanently.

What is your favourite program?

I tried really, really hard to pick just one program, but I couldn’t do it. My most useful program is an open source project called Synergy, which I use to connect one keyboard and mouse to the four computers on my desk at work. My favorite program to actually use, though, is a little known video player called Light Alloy. From the very first time I tried it I could tell that the author really understands how to interact with the user while staying out of the way.

Which program is the worst?

Sprint Connection Manager. I groan every time I have to mess with it.

Mac or Pc and why?

Definitely PC. Even more socially uncool is that except for a few quirks (like pesky windows stealing the foreground) I like using Vista. On 2K and XP I always had to customize the hell out of my Windows install with visual styles and shell extensions, but Vista does more of what I want out of the box. The new start menu is so simple and intuitive that it’s practically genius. There are some great applications that are only available for Macs, and Apple has changed the world of UI design forever (I confess that I have a dock myself), but using OS X just never feels like home.

Thank you very much for the help and best of luck with Mahalo VLOGIdol, Lisa! You can always send a sticker and Mahalo greetings to Denmark

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  • Dan

    God damn that girl opens a lot of tabs! :-/

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