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Sun, Aug 19, 2007

What's On Your Computer

The “Show Me Your Desktop” interview series continues. If you missed last week’s interview with David Airey remember to read that one. David has a great tips about cleaning your computer?!

This week I’ve interviewed Arpit Jacob from You might already recognise the name from my blogroll. I’m proud to say that I’ve known Arpit for some time now. He is my Wordpress Theme Go-To-Guy. If I find a theme for my site, I usually run it by Arpit first. He has a good eye for blog design, actually he is so good that he recently won the Sandbox Theme Design Contest with his theme Sandpress.

Again I’ve asked a bonus question. I’ll not reveal everything here, but I can tell you that Arpit isn’t a fan of iTunes.

What is your background picture?

Some Random Picture

If you have a personal and a work computer, which program do you use the most on your personal computer?

RSSBandit and Firefox

Which program do you use the most on your work computer?

Visual Studio IDE

Internet Explorer or Firefox?


Why do you use IE or FF?

I use Firefox because of its extensibility. I use a Large number of Extensions for my work Gmail manager, Firebug, etc

What is your favourite program?

Windows Live Writer, Firefox and RSS Bandit

Which program is the worst?


Do you have any tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your computer or blog?
For your Computer.
Right Click “My Computer” Select “Properties” Select the “Advaced” Tab
Click the “Settings” button for “Performance”
Select “Adjust for best Performance”
I choose Performance over Eye Candy.

For your blog
Use The Wp-cache Wordpress plugin

Bonus question: You compare iTunes to bloatware. What is it you don’t like about iTunes?

I haven’t been using iTunes much since 7.0 got released. On a Mac, Itunes works great, but on Windows its crap. The only reason I used it, was because I purchased some songs on iTunes. I find VLC player the most light weight. I like my computer to perform at the maximum level. Most people won’t complain about iTunes on windows but I am Web developer/Designer I need to run resource intensive programs like Visual Studio IDE, Photoshop etc. iTunes performs very badly, Windows Media Player 11 and VLC player are much better. Tthe reason why I started hating iTunes was because it was the first time I came to realise how bad DRM was and how I had no control over my music. I haven’t purchased a song on itunes since then.

So do you agree with Arpit? Is iTunes bloatware? Are Windows Media Player or VLC a better alternative? I remember when Winamp was the only program that could play Mp3s, but I haven’t used that in many years.

Thank you very much for the answers, Arpit. Next week it’s Leon Ho from’s turn to “Show Me Your Desktop”.

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  • He has a good eye for blog design, actually he is so good that he recently won the Sandbox Theme Design Contest with his theme Sandpress.
  • Another good interview. I think you've found your calling buddy.
  • mfarney
    He's so right about iTunes and Windows. It never worked fine for me either. I prefer going outside and buying the CD rather than buying music online just because the iTunes application isn't as fast or as reliable as I expected.
    Mathew Farney - Web Hosting
  • I am really pleased to post my comment on this blog .I love your blog by the way, I am gonna have to add you to my list of watched blogs.
  • do not use internet explorer it attracts nothing but bad things to your computer...i love
    to use mozilla
  • Its funny, Arpit says he's for performance over eye-candy. Yet, his blog has lots of graphics and loads quite slowly. I wonder whether he will redesign it for lightness.
  • It is my pleasure, Emma. I'm glad you enjoy them.
  • I learn so much from these. Thanks again Dennis.
  • Arpit:

    You are more than welcome :-)


    Yeah, maybe I should start expanding ;)
  • Another good interview. I think you've found your calling buddy hehe.
  • and thanks for the review it was a pleasure. :D
  • hey dennis I can back home late today. I sent you the screen shot
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