5 Blogging Mistakes I Keep Doing And Haven’t Fixed Yet

14 August, 2007

Blogging, Tips

Do you know what mistakes you often make on your blog or in life? Do you do anything to correct them? If yes, then do you fall back into old habits after a while again?

I tend to do that. I realise that I’m making a mistake, I correct it, but then sometime I fall back into the old habit again. To rub salt into my blog-wounds, display my stupidity and show my ignorance, I’ve created this list of 5 blogging mistakes I keep doing and haven’t fixed yet.

  1. I “impulse-blog”, meaning I suddenly get an idea and I write a post about it. Several pro-bloggers, including Maki from doshdosh.com and Darren Rowse from Problogger.net, suggest that you plan ahead and write a week’s worth of blog posts in one day. I wish I did that, but I’m not. Sometimes a post topic just pops in my head and I sit down and write about it as quickly as possible. Then I have other days, like yesterday, where I didn’t write a thing. Now if I followed Darren’s great advice I wouldn’t have to “stress” over not having any new posts for my loyal readers.
  2. My posts doesn’t contain enough keywords. When I write posts for Connected Internet, I make sure that each post contain so many keyword, that I’m sometimes sick of writing “Xbox360″ or “FIFA 08″, but those cursed Adsense ads need keywords, unless I want ads for X-ray equipment or scissors (typing these words might already have screwed this up).
  3. I keep changing the theme on my blog. Regular readers might experiencing a new theme when reading one post and another when reading the next. I’m still trying to find the ideal theme.
  4. I don’t analyse my traffic, keywords or statistics. I have the Google Analytics script installed on all my blogs, but I rarely go there and analyse the data. I know, I should be analysing my bounce rate and optimise my blog accordingly. It’s important to measure how many people arrive at your site and then leave again without viewing any extra pages.
  5. I very rarely write posts that contains hot keywords. I never write posts about “Paris Hilton”, “Britney Spears”, “Hawaii Earthquake”, “Brian Crush Adams”, “Hurricane Flossie” or similar hot keywords. I tried it once in my “Moving To Another Domain” post. I had a picture of David and Victoria Beckham (Becks and Posh) <—- keywords, because the post is about moving and they had just moved to the US. Pretty clever huh?!

I guess I could point out more mistakes, but then I’d only make another one: “I make my lists too long”. Writing this post has helped me realise what I need to focus on in order to become a full-time blogger. It is crucial to exploit the various tools and services offered to you in order to succeed as a blogger. My vacation starts on Friday, I’ll spend some of it to see what it’s like to be a full-time blogger. I have to dig into my blog’s statistics and learn to tweak it.

It’s never funny to focus on the things you do wrong, but I learn from them, so right after I’ve written this post, I’ll write one for tomorrow, that will explain the right things I do, when it comes to blogging.

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