REVIEW: iPad Skin Case And Bluetooth Keyboard

1 June, 2010


The last two weeks I’ve tested two different accessories for my iPad. A Bluetooth keyboard and a Skin Case, both are supplied from They asked me to test and review them. These are my experiences without any influence from any one or any where.

The Candy Skin Case review:


  • It took some effort to put the skin on the iPad, but once it’s there it isn’t falling off, thats for sure!
  • If you own an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad you know how slippery they can be. With this skin on it’ll never slide anywhere
  • You can drop your iPad and I bet it’ll be unharmed most of the times. (I didn’t test that, but the skin is pretty thick)
  • The price vs. value


  • Sound quality is reduced. It sounds a bit muffled, but my wife still enjoys Angry Birds HD
  • The bottom port is a bit covered by the skin, so you need to fiddle a bit to plug the data cable in
  • Makes the iPad look a little “ugly”. It’s a shame to ruin the beautiful design


The skin is still on my iPad, but as soon as I get my iPad case I think it’s coming off again, but for the very low price tag, it’s a very affordable solution to protect your precious iPad.

You have to fiddle a bit to get the data cable plugged in

The hole doesn't fit completely over the Apple, but thats a minor thing

The Bluetooth Keyboard (Freedom Pro) review:


  • Very easy to setup and install
  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • You can write even faster
  • 1/10 less greasy fingers on the display
  • Works on other devices (Blackberry, Playstation PSP, Android, Windows Mobile and so forth)
  • A lot of keyboard short cuts


  • A lot of keyboard short cuts. It might confuse some, because not many works on an iPad (not sure whos’ fault that is)
  • The price (you really have to write a lot on your iPad to spend the money on this)
  • Another device to drag a long
  • Takes some time to get used to writing on compared to the iPad


Folded up and in the case this keyboard doesn’t take up much space. I’m just not completely sure about the concept of iPad and keyboard yet. I think it looks a bit dumb to first take your iPad of out the case and then unpack a keyboard afterwards. Why not just bring your laptop then?! I’ve given the keyboard a chance at some business meetings. I think it’ll stay in my bag for a while and then I’ll see what happens.

Nice folded up in the package

Text written with the keyboard. Looks the same

Opened and ready

Which accesory will you buy for your iPad?

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