A Huge Dilemma - Which Mp3 Player Should I Buy? iPod Or Zen Vision M?

10 July, 2007

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My old Apple iPod needs an update. I think it’s a 2nd generation (the one with the faulty battery), but it has several issues.

Now here is my dilemma - Which Mp3-player should I pick? An Apple iPod or a Creative Zen Vision M?

I’m more of a feature guy than a design freak, so the looks doesn’t matter. I’m aware that iPod is thinner than the Creative Zen.

This is what I know about the Creative Zen Vision M:

The Good:

  • FM-radio
  • Supports a lot of video formats
  • Has a clear screen
  • Voice recorder and FM recorder
  • No iTunes needed

The Bad:

  • No iTunes support
  • The touch pad can be annoying
  • Dongle is needed to sync
  • Not many accessories
  • Heavier than the iPod

This is what I know about the Apple iPod:

The Good:

  • iTunes support - I like the podcasts audio and video
  • A lot of accessories
  • Larger disk space 80 Gb, though it really doesn’t matter, I only have around 20 Gb of music
  • Is compact

The Bad:

  • Doesn’t support all video formats
  • iTunes is required
  • Screen isn’t as good compared to Zen
  • Apple and support? (I’ve only had good experience with Creative support)

Right now I primary use my iPod on my way to work, sun bathing, travelling and so forth. I’m used to not being able to see movies, but it would be a great addition, though I’m not sure how long you can look at such a small screen.

Anyway…my question to you my dear readers - Which one should I pick?


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  • Matt

    Zen Vision is the better choice if you like content outside of itunes. Where is the Zune?

    I personally have an iriver clix and I’m very interested in the Zune. I’m waiting for version 2 though when they have films, tv and other stuff like XBOX Live.

  • http://www.thebetanews.com Dennis Bjørn Petersen

    Thank you very much for your answer, Matt.
    Unfortunately the Zune can’t be bought in Europe yet. I haven’t seen it anywhere.

    I actually wanted to experiment and buy one, but I just can’t find it.

  • Jen

    I would go for the Zen. I think Apple think too much of them selves. Sure they got great products and you have the possibility of extra accessories. But the with the Zen you’ll better integration with Vista and the Media Center - and if I’m not mistaken you’ll find a way with the podcasts, after all there’s allways ZenCasts

  • http://www.thebetanews.com Dennis Bjørn Petersen

    I’ve ordered the Zen. I have a great co-worker I can sell it to if something goes wrong…Right Jen

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  • http://aventhusiast.com AV Enthusiast

    iPod, all the rest are pretenders. They simply work and are well made, integrate well with a Mac or a PC.

  • arun

    creative zen s clarity and the video compatibility rocks ,

    so if u want music—-go for ipod

    are u one of the guys who wants to watch movies and blahh..basically videos lot then———————-creative rocls

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