6 Video Games Ready To Be Tested

11 August, 2007


After almost a week of summer in Denmark, the weather is back to being gray and cold. Good thing I found several video games for you to beta test then. I’ve got to referee some football/soccer, so I won’t have time to test them all today.

One of the beta tests are taking me down memory lane. Magic: The Gathering.  I played the first video game, where you walked around on Dominaria and liberated various towns by playing against different monsters. Later on I bought the game for my Xbox, but it wasn’t the same. I still have the playing cards hidden somewhere in the attic.

Anyway, I got some exciting video game betas for you today;  Tabula Rasa, a MMORPG. Magic: The Gathering Online, online card game, The Settlers 6, Real-Time strategy and Quake Wars, First person shooter.

  • Fargo from Fileplanet sent me an email to remind me that the Tabula Rasa Beta is underway. If you are a Fileplanet subscriber (registration is free), you can claim your free beta key and join the stress test of this MMORPG video game. Join the Tabula Rasa test here and read the beginner’s guide here.
  • Fileplanet has another beta available. Magic: The Gathering Online. Magic oh I’ve spent a lot of my hard earned money on those playing cards in my youth err… when I was younger. You can now take part in Magic: The Gathering beta test with out any invitation. Just sign up and you are ready to play. I’m afraid that I’m too rusty. I don’t even know the 9th edition cards. My Magic knowledge is almost ancient now. It’s been more than 15 years since I last bought a deck or booster pack.
  • Ubisoft is accepting pre-registrations for The Settlers 6 video game. My wife and I really enjoy playing the board game, even though my temper sometimes get the best of me. Pre-register for The Settlers 6 here.
  • Quake Wars: Enemy Territory is in public beta 2. Again Fileplanet is hosting this beta. So head over there and get your Quake shooting skills tested.

All the games for the PC. It’s very hard to find beta tests for consoles like Playstation 3 and Xbox360.

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    Thanks for sharing this. It would be a great to spend time to test those 6 Video Games^^