Twittering Through a Firefox Toolbar

8 May, 2007

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bluebutton Twittering Through a Firefox Toolbar

Update: According to Twitbin’s blog there are now:

  • 2,775 unique users
  • 940,000 minutes of operation
  • 12,000 new tweets posted via twitbin

Its looking really good. Hopefully the numbers will have doubled by the end of June.
I just found this one on

“Twitter Users are currently given two primary interfaces through which they can interact with the growingly popular service: by the Twitter website itself or through TXT messaging via mobile phone.

A number of companies have launched third party tools to enhance computer based Twitter interaction. Twitterrific has a strong fan base amongst Mac Users, Twitteroo a PC version of Twitterrific, and more recently Tweetbar bought the Twitter homepage into the Firefox sidebar.

A new Firefox Add-On from Infinimedia, TwitBin, takes these previous platforms to the next level with a custom inline application of Twitter that just works.

Sometimes it’s the simplest things, and TwitBin cuts right to the chase: you get your Twitter messages down the left hand side of your Firefox window, broken up by color. A text box is provided for the addition of your own Twitters: no post this button is provided, Infinimedia thought this one through and knew that most people understand the concept of hitting ENTER.

Advertising purists wont like one part of the plugin: a 180×50 px banner ad is present at the bottom of the add-on. It wasn’t flashing or offering me free iPods; it’s subtle, so I didn’t have any issues with it, but some might.

In the absence of any other competitors this add-on should be popular amongst the army of Twitter fans, and it’s something I’ll be using from now on.

The developers shared one additional tidbit with us that was worth highlighting: it took less than 2 weeks to develop and cost less than $1000.

Clever thinking and good code need not be the exclusive domain of the mega rich or the VC funded.”

twitbin2 Twittering Through a Firefox Toolbar

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  • Xavier

    Thank you very much for the post. We are happy that the majority of our users are liking our application. We did in fact try to make twitter in the sidebar as clean and as simple as possible. We are currently working on the next version based on suggestions and requests from the users, but we promise not to complicate it in any way. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post on our blog or email me.
    Thanks again!
    Xavier at

  • dennisbp

    Xavier: It was my pleasure. I’m using it in Firefox and it made my twittering a lot easier. Keep up the good work!

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