Twitter Updates for 2008-03-04

4 March, 2008

General Nonsense

  • Ir’s officially spring. We haven’t had an inch of snow all winter and now it comes?! WTF #
  • March should be Februrary, April should be March and so forth. Then the weather should fit the month again #
  • Hmmm Indiana Jones Special Edition DVDs released 8 days before the premiere. Coincidence? #
  • @lisabettany I accept the challenge. This is going to get ugly #
  • Need help winning an Illustrator contest. I just need a crash course, a creative mind and ehmm…Does Illustrator work on PCs? #
  • I’m getting several mails from sites that want to advertise on The Beta News. How much should I charge for that? Any blogs about this? #
  • @JenniferLaycock LOL now that’s real politics! #
  • Getting ready for my freemason promotion tonight. I’m REALLY looking forward to this. #

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