Top 5 Common Issues with Joost and How to Solve Them

Thu, May 17, 2007

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Based on the success with the previous article about how to improve Joost performance. I have created a Top 5 list over the five busiest threads on the Joost support forum and of course the solution to the issues.

  1. Can Joost run behind a proxy-server?
  2. An error occured, unable to connect to the server
  3. Tweak to remove audio and video buffering. Windows and Mac
  4. Tvprunner - Application error, also works with other application errors
  5. How to get Joost in Windows Vista Media Center

Good luck and let me know how it went and if I missed anything.

So what do you think of Joost? Does it need improvement? More channels? Did it live up to your expactations?

Update: Windows audio tweak is updated.

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  • tim
    Hi there, I guess this isn't really a comment, i was wondering if you could send me an invite for joost? Thanks alot. sincerely
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