12 New and Useful Video Services

June 1, 2007

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The web is filled with sites that offer you various forms of video services. I have gathered 12 of the newest for you.

  1. Global internetTV Portal - 7267 TV-stations from more than 220 countries.
  2. Pyro.TV - Create personalized video channels, aggregated from popular video hosting sites found all over the net.
  3. Mogulus - TV broadcasting available to anyone with a camera and a broadband connection. Create your own channel.
  4. Monetize Media - Host videos and then generate revenue through subscriptions, advertising and syndication.
  5. NuVu.TV - Gathers video news from around the world, including news from Reuters and AP.
  6. Disclose.TV - Dedicated to the mysteries, secrets, anomalies, conspiracies and other unexplained topics of this world.
  7. FORA.tv - Videos of authors, philosophers, politicians and spiritual leaders.
  8. Springdoo - Record videos from the web or your mobile, and automatically post it on your social media space or blog.
  9. VideoAd Factory - Make your own online video ad for your own online promotion or viral marketing.
  10. Liberated Films - Watch independent filmmaking and indie films for free.
  11. Find Internet TV - A directory of sites that broadcast video on the Internet. Very well organised.
  12. Funny or Die - Create a funny video or it dies and you go into the crypt. Create funny ones and you will be glorified.

Did I miss anyone? Which service do you prefer?

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  2. Manoo haryal on April 22nd, 2008 8:58 am


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    Manoo Haryal

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