24 August, 2009


Is Twitter Killing Hollywood Movies? I Say No

Tweet Over the summer we’ve seen a bunch of presumed blockbusters falter after their opening weekends. Brüno was no success (if you’ve seen Borat, you’ve seen Brüno), Duplicity with Julia Roberts cost $60 million to make, but made only $40 million in the US. Land of the Lost, Will Ferrell’s $100 million adventure-comedy, made $49 […]

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14 April, 2009


A Step Closer To My Dream

Tweet Last Monday I started as a writer at The Inquisitr run by Duncan Riley. To me this is a huge opportunity to come one step closer to my big dream - make a living out of blogging and social media. I’m covering the “graveyard shift” also known as the European time slot I make […]

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25 March, 2009


Evernote Update - Now With Even More Clippers

Tweet One of my favourite applications, Evernote, released another update today. Besides fixing some minor issues, it features great news for especially Mac-users. The Safari plugin, lets you clip entire web pages to Evernote or a PDF. Evernote now also supports Growl notifications (known from Adium and Gmail Notifier). FireFox Mac-users will enjoy the updated […]

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10 March, 2009


9 Things That Makes You A Problogger - Year 2

Tweet A year ago I wrote “9 Things That Makes You A “Wannabe” Problogger“. I guess you are all very excited to see what has happened since then. These are the bullets I think are a vital part of every problogger. <Satire on> Use a Mac, usually a MacBook Pro, iMac or MacBook Air Keen […]

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8 March, 2009


Music From Star Trek Trailers

Tweet Maybe you’ve seen the latest Star Trek trailer. If you haven’t, you’ve missed one of the best trailers in a long time. I saw it several times and it gives me goosebumps every time I see it. I blame the goosebumps on the music used in the latest trailer. After seeing the Star Trek […]

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23 February, 2009


Are Cracked iPhone Apps The End Of Jailbreaked iPhones?

Tweet It was bound to happen sooner or later. A cracking program for iPhone apps has been released. It’s called “Crackulous”. I’m not mentioning it here because I want you to use it. On the contrary. This program can do more damage than good. Crackulous removes copy protection (Apple calls it FairPlay) from iPhone app. […]

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21 January, 2009


Bush’s Robots.txt Vs. Obama’s Robots.txt

Tweet If you run a blog or a website you probably know what a robots.txt file is, so you can skip the next line. It’s a small text file that tells search engine what to include and not to include in their indexing of your site. As you might have noticed or read www.whitehouse.gov has […]

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5 January, 2009


Macworld 2009 Incoming And So Are The Rumours

Tweet Macworld 2009 is starting today. The rumours about what will be launched at the expo have been around since Macworld 2008. The biggest rumour is always about Steve Jobs’ health. I hope (like I hope for everybody else), that he is doing good and in perfect health. Besides that it’s really not my concern. […]

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30 December, 2008


Happy New Year

Tweet I hope everybody had a great christmas (or holiday). I’m still enjoying mine. With new year’s eve tomorrow I wanted to thank eveyone for your loyalty and patronage. Have a great new year and I’ll see you in 2009.

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19 December, 2008


Socialmedian Purchased By Xing

Tweet This just in: European Xing has bought American Socialmedian! I’m so proud. It doesn’t happen very often that a European company buys an American. This will definitely help the European social network, Xing expand their business in Europe and the rest of the world. To Jason Goldberg: Welcome to Europe. I think you’ll find […]

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