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12 June, 2007


Last weeks theme was: “What you can do online to help the enviroment”. The theme of this week is: “Adsense and SEO ready WordPress Themes”. They are all maximised and optimised to help you increase your earnings from Google’s Adsense.

As I mentioned Tiglopedia is a very interesting theme. It has the Web 2.0 mockery look I am looking for. What do you think?

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  • Arpit Jacob

    I think the current theme that you are using is much better than Tiglopedia, If you want to make your current theme a bit more web 2.0fied do the following

    Remove the Dark grey background. (you’ll get lots of white space)

    Increase the font size of your headings and content.

    go for some more brighter colors for links and your header.

    let me know if it helps

  • Arpit Jacob
  • Don

    Thank you very much for your input Arpit. As usual it is much appreciated :-)

    I will try to change the layout as you suggest. (Once I figure out where to do it in the CSS).

    The theme looks really interesting. I will upload it and try it out if I get tired of the current!

  • Alex

    please send me a joost invitation

  • Alex

    sorryn that was rude. i just found a site on google that said you handed out free joost invitations

    regards Alex

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