KISS DP-600 Knas Firmware Beta Is Now Available For Download

9 July, 2007

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Great news. KNAS Firmware for KISS DP-600 is now available in a beta version.

To update the DP-600 to KNAS firmware follow the steps described below:

Burn the .iso file on a CD as an image.

1. Turn on the unit with the ON/OFF button (on the back panel)

2. Open the tray, and insert the update CD without closing the tray

3. Turn off the unit with the ON/OFF button (on the back panel)

4. Press the Default button on the back of the unit

5. Turn on the unit with the ON/OFF button, keep the default button
pressed,and press the STOP button on the front panel of the player (the
tray closes and PLEASE WAIT appears on the display)

6. Stop pressing the Default button 30 seconds after clicking on the
Standby button.

Now the player will update to the image burned on the cd and this will
take around 5 min, Please do not turn off the unit while it is updating
as it will harm the player.
The CD will be ejected when the update is finished. Remove it and Turn
OFF/Turn ON the player using the ON/OFF button. Click one time on the
Standby button and go through the Quick Setup.

Whats is new?

- Improved picture playback
- Faster picture slideshow (next picture loading in background)
- Support for bmp, gif, png via Pc-link
- Support for WMC 2.0/Windows Media Player 11
- Improved WiFi Support
- WiFi Signal Strength
- Support for Linksys Pass Phrase
- Support for WPA 2 AES - Tkip 64/128bit encryption
- New menus /controls
- HDMI auto sense
- Dynamic menu when USB, add/removed, network add/removed
- Dynamic Options menu depending on content to playback
- Volumen Control on/off (Default OFF)
- External/internal Wma pro 5.1 decoding
- Automatic search for media servers
- Changing Codepage in videos using the Option feature.
- Language Support
- Support for 18 languages
- Timezone Support
- Search function in all video files (DVD-VIDEO search function
available -
- Removed menus
- Parental Control
- CDDB Enabled/disabled function (always enabled)
- Brightness/Contrast/Saturation features in video mode
- Media information (meta data) available on same high level
- Support for Iceland Language
- Force Screensaver on by pressing Zoom button
- Possible to Setup Audio setting in “Quicksetup”
- SVCD/VCD Support (only basic playback is supported)
Some of the “lost” features will come back in the next release.

You can download it here from Megaupload or here as an .iso

If you don’t know how to burn the firmware, there is a guide here.

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