iPhone Hacked Again - How To Use Your iPhone In Europe

8 August, 2007

Technology, Tips

It took a bit more than a month for the hackers to crack Apple’s SIM-lock, that restricts the iPhone on other networks than the American AT&T.

The hack means that Europeans can use Apple’s iPhone without paying the expensive roaming fee to AT&T. With a bit of technical knowledge and equipment it is now possible to get the iPhone to accept a SIM-card that uses a European service provider. Unfortunately it is not a “real” hack, because it’s still not possible to use the SIM-card provided by your service provider.

The process or hack requires an blank silver SIM-card and a SIM-card writer.

According to Sassha on hackint0sh.org Vladimir_CDI and ozbimmer figured out how to hack the iPhone. Sassha wrote the tutorial on how to create a European iPhone and posted it on hackint0sh. The post is already 22 pages long and several users confirm that the hack works. They also confirmed that all features on the iPhone can be used, except the YouTube feature. The visual voice mail might not work on some networks either because it depends on the service provider.

Now I’m sure you are all eager to know where you learn more about the iPhone hack and how to do it. It requires a modded iPhone and a SuperSIM. Visit hackint0sh.org and learn how to hack your iPhone.

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