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Today I found a Web 2.0 application that just might make my day.

fidg’t is hopefully the beginning of a wonderful partnership. Its a clever address book, but for your social networking. It will allow you to access IM-clients on your cellphone. Right now only MSN, AIM and Yahoo are supported on Nokia N73 and 6682. I have a feeling that the entire N-series are supported. I’ll find out when I get my N80IE. Besides providing a service that applications like Trillian already does, you can actually access your flickr and content through the phone as well. I can’t wait to test that out!

On fidg’ you can see your flickr images and your charts. Nothing new in that, but what is pretty clever for example, if I am connected to Didde (my wife) on Flickr, LastFM, and MSN, fidg’t create a Meta Contact reference for Didde that points to all her different identities. Now, in my Address Book, I don’t see 3 different entries for Didde, just the one Meta Contact entry. If fidg’t aren’t able to automatically generate these Meta Contacts, then you can manually create them through a drag and drop import tool.

If you have a compatible cellphone you can connect to your friends or their flickr/ stuff through the address book.

There is more though, the visualizer is a cross-platform java app that allows you to play with your flickr and lastfm contacts in the context of the larger community. Just create tag magnets - either for pics or music - and watch how your network is attracted or repelled. This demo from YouTube will show you how it works. So basically through the visualizer you can see what your friends or network is talking about.

You should try it out yourself. The video doesn’t do the visualizer justice.

At the moment fidg’t only supports three different chat programs, flickr and, but support for Facebook, digg, and eventful are in the pipeline.

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6 Responses to “Fidg’t - Social Media Address Book”

  1. 1 Mike

    Sorry for the comment spam, but I saw your offer on Digg and would really appreciate a Joost Invitation … Argblat [at] gmail [dot] com

    thanks a lot

  2. 2 Heman

    Nice review about Fidg’t, I had not read anything on it. And, to think i only came her to beg for a joost invite.

    heman.grayskull [at]

    If you still have some left thank you in advance.

  3. 3 dennisbp

    Heman: I’m glad that you liked it and I hope to see you again. Joost invite has been sent!

  4. 4 Eduardo Sciammarella

    Hey thanks for checking us out. It does work on the N80- it’s not optimized for it- but you can give it a whril- send me an email and I’ll send you the right jad file for the installation.

  5. 5 Eduardo Sciammarella


  6. 6 Dennis Bjørn Petersen

    Thank you very much Eduardo.

    I’ll send you an email right away. I have to try this out

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