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What’s Going On Before iForum Kick-off

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I’m in Las Vegas at the moment attending the Citrix iForum. I’ve been fortunate enough to be selected as an official Citrix Community Blogger. I’ll post the articles here every day. Let me know what you think.

After about 24 hours of traveling we finally landed Friday night. The usual flight delays and hotel reservation mixups extended the trip. After a few hours of sleep, I couldn’t sleep much more, so I was hoping THE hotel’s info channel could help me sleep. It couldn’t, but I saw something interesting. Three of the convention rooms were already occupied by Citrix, one of them is the press center. I decided to go and check out the convention area. The place is huge. Walking around in the convention area I felt like a child. Everything was big, the mirrors on the wall, the pot with the plants, the trash cans, the chair and about 6 meters (20 ft) to the ceiling. Unfortunately the press center wasn’t opened yet and I didn’t want to interrupt the official Citrix lunch.

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I’m Now Officially An eDad!

Yes finally. The night between Saturday and Sunday at 3.18 am exactly my wife gave birth to our first child, a boy!

Everything went relatively smoothly and we are all doing very well, though a few hours of sleep would be nice Our son is 54 cm tall and weighs 3,590 grams (about 8 lbs.)

So my dear readers expect very few posts the next couple of days. However in about two weeks I will be blogging from the Citrix iForum in Las Vegas, so if anyone of you are in that area from October 19-25 I would love to meet you.

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Is The Internet Destroying Culture?

According to a British author, the Internet is destroying culture because amateurs and bloggers are allowed to share their work for free with others.He argues that there are artists that doesn’t make a living because their work is stolen on the Internet. He also says that the internet is worse for culture than the Nazis?! To me he sounds like an elitist son of a gun.

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Major Companies, The Vatican And Governments Busted By Wikipedia Scanner

As some of you might know I’m running two other sites, and Both of these sites feature latest news about two football or soccer video games. They even have news that can’t be found anywhere else on the internet, since both games have their roots in Europe, I get the information before the American sites. I like to share that information, so I regularly update the topics related to these video games on Wikipedia.

Now here’s the problem - According to Wikipedia’s rules links to blogs and other personal sites should be avoided, so the information I posted on both of these sites was removed. It was the editors of the articles that removed the information. Of course I don’t post unconfirmed information or rumours, so I contacted the editors and they told me that you can’t link to a blog. I talked a bit back and forth with the editors and ultimately I stopped editing the articles. The Wikipedia article about FIFA 08 and Football Manager 2008 still lacks a lot of information, but apparently thats the way it should be. When is a blog a blog? When is it a personal site?

Companies Update Their Own Wiki Articles

Now here is the funny thing, I’m not the only one that updates articles to get some free PR. No apparently others do that too…(big surprise!) Apple edits Microsoft’s article and vice versa, The Vatican edits Irish Catholic politician Gerry Adam’s page and Coca Cola removes negative content about its effects. The list goes on and I’ve found one for you.

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Can Your Webmail Be Hacked Or Cracked?

This week Danish Tour de France rider Michael Rasmussen’s Hotmail was hacked.

Tour de France ended last Sunday and what a Tour de France. The Danish rider Michael Rasmussen had the yellow jersey and was a very possible winner. Due to some alleged lying he was fired  four days before the Tour de France ended. What makes the story worse is, that no one has seen proof from Michael Rasmussen or his ex-team, Rabobank that he is lying or telling the truth. Denmark is a small country and we would have loved to see him win the Tour de France. The lack of evidence has caused a lot of speculation, so someone decided to dig up some evidence the illegal way - by hacking, or should I say cracking, Michael Rasmussen’s Hotmail.

How secure is your own webmail against unwelcome visitors, reading your digital information about your personal life?

Preliminary evidence indicates that the cracker either guessed Michael Rasmussen’s Hotmail password or mailed him a phishing file, maybe disguised as a supportive mail, that Michael Rasmussen activated.

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Cheap $150 Laptop - Scam Or Real?

Several sites and news media are talking about the cheap laptop from the Swedish company Medison. The company are selling the laptop for $150 through their website and you pay with your creditcard. Medison is using as payment processor.

Is it a scam or the real deal? Read on and make your own conclusion.


How can they make it so cheap? According to Medison they use a plant in Brazil to build the laptops, Linux Fedora as operating system and outdated components. (The homepage looks very cheap too)

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Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Is The Greenest Book

To date, more than 325 million Harry Potter books have been sold worldwide. And it’s expected the new book will sell at least 55 million more, once its translations into French, German, Hebrew, Danish, Spanish and other languages are completed later this year or in early 2008.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be the first Harry Potter book to be printed on eco-friendly paper outside of Canada. Now and why is that? It turns out J. K. Rowling endorsed Canadian-based Raincoast Books’ Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix edition, because it was printed on 100-per-cent post-consumer recycled, processed chlorine-free paper. Now Harry Potter publishers in 16 countries have printed or are going to print their editions of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on eco-friendly paper. No publisher wants to get on Rowling’s bad side.

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MSN Launches ‘Live Earth Tree’

Microsoft, the exclusive online media sponsor for Live Earth, has launched the MSN Live Earth Tree - an interactive online animation that lets people worldwide pledge their commitment to the environment and join the battle to halt climate change.

The Live Earth Tree can be found at and users are invited to visit the site to design their own unique leaf for the tree, and pledge to make small lifestyle changes to reduce their impact on the environment.

The tree will grow in size as people across the globe sign up to make their pledge and show their support for the causes underlying Live Earth, the concert series taking place across the globe to raise awareness of the current climate crisis.

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eBay Buys StumbleUpon -Price $75 Million Cash

As previously reported eBay has bought StumbleUpon for $75 million.

According to eBay: “StumbleUpon is a great fit within our goal of pioneering new communities based on commerce and sustained by trust.â€? StumbleUpon has grown 150% each year, with over 5 million recommendations and 2,3 million users. eBay doesn’t plan on changing anything yet, but will wait and see what happens.

You can read the eBay’s press release here.

Personally I think this is one of the smartest deals this year. I’ve been a happy StumbleUpon user for several years. My 2 years anniversay is in two weeks. Feel free to add me: dennisbp to your friends list.

Some might call it a time waster, but it is a good time waster. Yes, you can get side tracked, but it is also good for blog research. How do you use StumbleUpon?

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Kiss DP-600 Firmware Release Date

Just a quick note to all you looking for the KNAS firmware for Kiss DP-600.

The KNAS firmware has a confirmed release date now. June 30 2007! It was confirmed along with the release of VR-558 (and no VR doesn’t mean video recorder)

It is already running on the Kiss DP-1600 and according to rumours it is running greater, faster and more stable.

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