Wallop - Invites and a Brief Review

Through Mashable.com I just received an invite to Wallop. I’ve got a few extra to spare, so let me know if you are interested in one.

I think I first read about Wallop about four years ago. It is Microsoft’s venture into the red-hot social-networking arena, using the common Microsoft tack of piecing together existing technologies and packaging them for the novice user. Those technologies include social-networking capabilities, simplistic blogging tools, moblogging, wikis and RSS feeds, based on Microsoft’s Instant Messenger functionality.

The registration and setup

There was a quick tutorial that helped me set up my profile and I was ready to go. Rose who invited me was already my friend in Wallop, so I wasn’t alone from the beginning. I right-clicked on her picture and sent her a “Thank-you” message. After that I added the RSS feed from this blog - no problem at all. Everything is running very easy and user friendly, thanks to Adobe Flash.

What more is there?

Now if I feel like it I can upload more pictures, music or buy a mod. Yes buy a mod. There are no ads in Wallop (at least not yet), so to get some economy in it, you can buy mods to pimp your Wallop. I decided to save the $3,50, since I don’t need a calendar, an angel following my mouse pointer or a visitor counter. I like the little mods though and I bet this will be a real teen-thing There are different other options for instance every time you get a comment or a message an email is sent to you. If you are on Wallop the top icons will change indicating something is updated. Oh and one last thing…You can drag everything around with your mouse…now if only I could get rid of the angel, lantern and green bird that is following my pointer.

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13 Responses to “Wallop - Invites and a Brief Review”

  1. 1 Bob

    I’d like aninvite, thanks :)

  2. 2 Don

    Invite is in your mail Bob

  3. 3 Tom Nicknish

    I would like an invite to Wallop. It sounds pretty interesting. Flash with Social Networking right? Cool.

  4. 4 Don

    Wallop invite is in your mail box Tom.

    Let me know what you think of Wallop please

  5. 5 Bob

    Thanks :)

  6. 6 Kenneth

    Can you send me a wallop invite?
    Thanks in advance.

  7. 7 Don

    I am fresh out of invites, but let me update the post. Maybe Bob or Tom can send you an invite.

  8. 8 Prashanth

    I would like an invite please.


  9. 9 Anand

    Hi , Can you send me an invite to wallop.

  10. 10 Don

    Invites are in your mail boxes. Let me know how it worked out for you.

  11. 11 Prashanth

    Thanks Dennis. Wallop looks great and Iam going to mess around with it, before I get back to you with my view.


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