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I’ve previously mentioned which is a social media program that keeps track of the music you are listening to.


It could be through your iPod,iTunes or Windows Media Player. It then sends the information to and you can see your Top10 tracks there, find others with the same musical interst or your favourite artist playing a concert nearby and meet up with other users of at the concert. is much more than that. You can listen to music all kinds of music, sometimes only 30 seconds others time the entire track or review and discuss albums and artists. All you have to do is install a small tracker software on your PC/Mac and you are up and running.



Now Wakoopa has launched a similar tool, but instead of keeping track of the music you are listening to, it keeps track of the software you use. You can also install a widget on your blog with your current chart.


It works just like, you install a small tracker software and every 15 minutes it sends information about what software you use. Wakoopa will also let you know when your software is updated or when a user writes a review of your software. Again your friends can see what software you are using most often and if you are looking for a new anti-virus you can see which one most user are using and what their opinion about it is. You can also see the most used software, how many people used it and for how long.


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